Thursday, June 09, 2011

My first post

Hello. I’m finally here. It may have taken me a while, but like the old saying goes, better late than never.
Encouraged by my friends and well wishers
, I felt it was time to start my blog.

This is going to be a completely random blog. Not this particular entry, but this entire blog in general will be. My blog will be based on my experiences in life on whatever I  come across..   Hehehe..  My everyday thoughts, brainwaves   search…just completely random.
I can’t say I’ll always be right. I can’t say I’ll always be entertaining. But hopefully I’ll be worth stopping by to check in on. Who knows, maybe you’ll even follow this blog…
See you again soon!


  1. Nice to see you finally getting started with blogging. :) All the best!!!

  2. Hi Chatter, loved all the funny quotes laughed throughout reading them

  3. yeah its damn funny best of luck good work

  4. nice to see you here :) great going !

  5. Cb di *hugs*

    congo shongo for opening your blog..

    love all the comments and good luck with your work..

  6. CB, Congratz on your new blog. We all love your writing and now more people will get to know about your fascinating views. Best of luck.

  7. Congrate Chatter for u blog , wish u all succsses. Meera.

  8. Heyy Dii !!

    Congrats for opening ur own blog !!!


  9. hey di..all d best..!!
    sorry for being as u said..better late than never :D

  10. Hai Chatter Ji, congratulations and wishing all the best for the future . Sorry for commenting late but i do believe its better late than never.
    Actually i did read ur funny post which is indeed like a medicine for me, which was sweet in taste and instantly gave me releif from my head ache. Thanks for the blog. wish to read many more in future.

  11. Heartiest Congratulations for ur own blog CB ....Mwaaah !!! Ur a wonderful writer and am sure its going to be so much fun and a learning experience too, reading ur blogs. Wish u all the very best ...Happy Blogging :)

  12. wt should i comment??? heheheheh
    belated B'Day wish ki tarah Belated congrats fr own blog hahahaha


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