Monday, November 07, 2011

Pav bhaji................. the way I make :)

Hello all! Yesterday I made pav bhaji and as my kids like it so much I decided to make a post on how I make pav bhaji. I am sure everyone knows about this dish as its very famous throughout northern India. From streets to  hotels everywhere you would get variety of tastes of this wonderful dish.

There are variations in the way everyone makes but here I would show you how I make. I always make a bit more so we can have it next day as well.  Quantity can be increased or decreased as per individual choice.

Serves  4-5

5 Big potatoes  washed, peeled and cut into cubes
1 cup  mix vegetables    (cauliflower, small brinjal, capsicum,  and carrots, cut in small pieces )
2 onions  chopped into very fine pieces
2tsp  ginger garlic paste
5 tomatoes cut into small pieces
1/2cup peas boiled and kept separate
2tsp ghee and butter
2 green chillies cut in small pieces
2 tsp pav bhaji masala  (available in stores)
salt according to taste
1tsp each amchur powder (dry mango powder), coriander powder,  red chilli powder, haldi powder (turmeric powder) 

12 Pav buns

In big  pressure cooker  heat ghee & butter, add one cup of cut onion pieces and cook till onion turns translucent, add ginger garlic paste and  cook a bit more.

Add tomatoes and cook till tomatoes are bit soft. Add all the dry masalas (amchur powder etc) and fry  one min more till all masalas are mixed.

Add the vegetables and potatoes and add salt according to your taste and mix well. Add one cup water and close the lid on pressure cooker and put the whistle on. Bring it to boil with one whistle.  Let the cooker cool. 
Remove  the lid and mash all the vegetables in it. Here I prefer to add the peas after the vegetables are mashed as at times if I put peas before the are just not visible in the gravy. 

Boil the gravy a bit more till you get required  consistency which should not be too thick or too watery  and take it off the heat. 

Slit the pav buns horizontally and fry them in butter on  a tawa or a pan.

In a plate serve the buttered buns along with bhaji or the gravy we made. Garnish the gravy with  coriander leaves and some of the remaining pieces of onion.

For variations garnish the gravy with grated cheese.
To make  bhaji more spicy increase the quantity of red chilli powder.

Normally people boil all the vegetables before and then fry onions garlic ginger and put mashed vegetables in it. But I prefer this way as all are boiled and cooked right in the pressure cooker specially when we have to make large quantity.

P.S. sorry pic quality is not good but hope you would still enjoy.



  1. This is so yummy :):) Mouth is watering..

  2. Oopss I thought I wuld be the first 2 cooment bt nvr mind
    PAV Bhaji yummmyyyyyyyyy. Pav Bhaji is fav dish, lv to cook too.
    The very fist thing I nvr. cook bhaji as u did,
    2nd no measurements, everything andaj se leete hu, Even vegetales.
    3rd dnt no if u first collect or bought the veg fr cooking or cook with the veges u got.
    We prepare bahji even we hv 2 veg like cauliflower n capsicum other like potato n onion n tamaos r always available at home. Use of peas is very limited as its seasonal.
    By ya nvr used brinjal before.
    Last a tip fr u, use beat root (boiled n mashed) fr nice red color n its healthy also.
    Approx 1 beat root medium size would be enough.

  3. @ mukta I plan to make pav bhaji, so I buy veggies and since I make more I always use my pressure cooker. And you are right, some people do use beetroot for red color but somehow I dont like beetroot so I avoid any color like that.

    @ vinod thanks for liking.

  4. CB .... This is so I know what I am making this weekend :)
    Thanks for a fab recipe..I don't think I have made pav bhaji more than a couple of times if ever, so this will be very helpful.

  5. Yummmy :) Now waiting for the vada pav recipe :)

  6. Hi Chatter, Thanks for the yummy pav bhaji recipe. Will definately try it over the weekend.

  7. Hey
    Yaar CB yummy
    Pav Bhaji my Favourite

  8. Hey
    Yaar CB yummy
    Pav Bhaji my Favourite

  9. Picture kaisa bhi ho but its really looking delicious and yummy. Bachelors ke liye kuch easy recipes bhi daal dijiye. Quick cooking and trick which will make sure not to turn the food into charcoal. Hahaha.

  10. Post was great and pictures are even better.

    You don't need to worry about picture quality.

  11. Hey di m late but sure for one thing dinner me aaj kya banega hehe, ymmy haan, thanx for sharing ;-)

  12. Yummy Yummy tonite i know whats going into my Tummy :)Wud surely try this one for the dinner. Thanx so much for sharing ur special pav bhaji recipe Dear :) The pics look so tempting. Are these pavs stuffed ? They look so in the pics.

  13. OMG!!! Di.. Paaaaav Bhaaaaji... Its my fav dish <3

    Thnk u fr the recipe... It looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyy!!

  14. @prashu, @ nandini @ jolie @ aschatria... thank you very much for liking the post

    @nandini no pavs are not stuffed they are buttered dear.

  15. Looks yummy..and nice blog. Get to see lot more than cooking! Nice!!
    I am your new follower from today..if time permits, can glance through my blog @

  16. Today tried and tasted,us usual yum..


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