Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mumbai city.... a brief description

Welcome to Mumbai…. The city that never sleeps.. as the people say. Hello everyone and today I take you around Mumbai city and hope you all would enjoy this ride with me. I would write this in three parts so stay tuned for next part.

Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra and financial capital of India, home to Bollywood film industry and home to people from all over the country.

The local language spoken here is Marathi but English and Hindi are also spoken fluently. So a new visitor will not have much trouble.  Temperature varies throughout the year. March- June is summer months with temperature reaching almost 40degree .June- October  monsoon season with rain in full force.  November to February is mainly winter months but being a coastal city the winters are mild here and pleasant weather.

Places to see:   colonial architecture from the Victorian times ….mainly around South Mumbai area.  Famous monuments to be seen in this area are the Gateway of India, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus) building, the Municipal Corporation and Police Headquarters and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sanghralaya (formerly, the Prince Of Wales museum). The famous Taj Mahal hotel is located just opposite the Gateway of India. The Mumbai University buildings and the High Court are also excellent examples of colonial architecture in the city.

Nehru science center and Nehru planetarium are very good place to visit as they have museum and planetary views shown at both centers

Mumbai has a few beaches, at Juhu, Chowpatty, Marve. They are a great place to see how the locals spend their Sunday evenings, with various food and game stalls. 

The life line of Mumbai.. the local trains run extensive network daily on three lines…. Western line, central line and harbor line.

Mumbai is famous for its street food description of which I would give in my next post. Modern Mumbai has huge malls and multiplex to cater to everyone’s needs with branded names. 

If  I continue it would turn out a big essay, so come to Mumbai and enjoy your stay while you explore the city and feast on various delicacies which are offered.





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  1. Lovely post Chatter, our very own Mumbai has so much to offer its so full of life and the day to day running around drives you crazy still we just love our Mumbai.

  2. why not put some photographs of Mumbai with this post ?

  3. hmm vimi i didnt think of this but then there would be way too many photos.. i have two more parts to do wud try to add some pix there

    and gauri yes mumbai has lot to offer

  4. Nice post.

    Aamchi Mumbai....Mumbai, the city which never sleeps!!!!!

  5. thank you bhaskar, aarthi and vinod..

  6. hmm...Mumbai rocks..!! I am in Pune at present and whenever it gets possible, I don't look back. Just pack off my bag and leave for this mayanagri..:) I have some of my friends living in Mumbai and they have been asking me to come there often and again. I love this Mumbai city but honestly, it gets so hectic to travel and visit all those places...still very enjoyable. Thinking to visit again this weekend...let's see..!!

  7. thank you naina for ur comment

    @aswani thanks for visiting my space.. yes mumbai rocks. and truly its mayanagri.. take a day bus to travel the places mentioned here but the bus stops briefly at most places. or u can hire a car and roam around at your convenience though for a single person car hire wud be expensive.. i havent visited elephanta caves off gateway of india but i guess some day would surely do..

    stay tuned for next part.........

  8. Really, I miss Mumbai, presently I'm in US but always in love with Mumbai. Thanks for giving me a remembrance of Mumbai.

  9. As I promised, here its m lengthy wala comment, it will be “Down m memory Lane” hahaahha.
    To start wth, “I LV Mumbai”. Nice post n a big Thnks CB fr ths post. It reminded m of m childhood. I hd been 2 ths place sm yrs back , before I got a job.
    My cousin bro n sis wuld be very curious to visit Mumbai n visit these places specially they lved to watch the sea means the beaches, as they didn’t belong here. Also they would be amazed to watch the local trains.

    Hv seen all the places u mention except Nehru science center, Nehru planetarium, Marve beach. Ths post is relating to famous places of Mumbai, I m mentioning sm more places just to recall m childhood memories dnt know if they r famous r nt. Visitng all these places ws fun, every time v went to Gateway of India, v would take ride on the boat. Thr r sm garden whch v visited, Rani Baug where v used to go fr the whole day, Hanging Garden, n shoe garden wth a big shoe I don’t remember tht place correctly. I really want 2 visit these places again.
    Oh hw cn I forget, the Mahalaxmi Temple, behind to tht temple was the sea, with big rocks at shore, sitting on the rocks n watching the sea waves wow!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Oh CB u forgot to mention the famous Siddhivinayak Temple.

    Life in Mumbai is hectic n people r busy in fulfilling thr financial need maintaining their living standard, preparing carrier. But I like ths city, m city BOMBAY city.

  10. @sona, thanks for your comment..

    @Mukta, thanks for mentioning the names i forgot. yes these all places also are worth visiting in mumbai.

    the shoe garden is called kamla nehru park.

  11. Diiii...

    An awesome post :D

    Amchi Mumbai!! I love this place.. my birth place...

    Everyone.. once visit mumbai.. and you will fall in love with it!!!

    Di.. Loved the post!! thnk u

  12. ha ha its my birthplace too.. yes mumbai is amazing place to be

  13. Mumbai is a city which never sleeps so is the lifeline of Mumbai the Metro Railways. Along with street food, eatery joints Mumbai has a lot of multi cuisine to offer. The best part is the spirit of the Mumbaikars which you don't get to see anywhere :)

  14. Such a great web
    I hope that i have time to visit mumbai :)


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