Monday, May 14, 2012

The story of mankind...

Hi all, just the other day me and my friend were talking about life in general and then I recalled this story which I had read earlier. Its so true  and that's why human being's life is such.

God created the donkey and told him: you will work tireless
from sun up to sun down, carrying heavy bags on your back,
you`ll eat grass, you will not have intelligence and you
will live 50 years. You will be an DONKEY|

The donkey answered: I`ll be a donkey, but living 50 years

is too much, give me only 20 years. And God gave him 20 years.

God created the dog and told him: You will look after the

men house, you will be his best friend, you will eat
whatever they give you and you will live 25 years.
You will be a DOG|

The dog answered: God, living 25 years is too much,

give only 10. God gave him 10 years.

God created the monkey and told him: You will jump

from branch to branch, you will do silly things, you
will be amusing and you will live 20 years.
The monkey answered: God, living 20 years is too much,
give me only 10 years. And God agreed.

Finally, God created man, and told him: You will be Man,

the only rational being on this earth, you will use your
intelligence to control other animals, you will dominate
the world and you will live for 20 years.

The man answered: God, I`ll be man, but living 20 years

is not enough, why don`t you give me the 30 years that
the donkey refused, the 20 years that the dog did not want
and the 10 years that the monkey refused.

That was what God did, and since then, Man live 20 years like

a man, then he enters adulthood and spends 30 years like a donkey,
working and carrying the load on his back, then when his
children leave home, spends 15 years like a dog, looking after
the house and eating whatever is given to him,
then he gets into retirement, and spends 10 years like
a monkey, jumping from house to house or from children to
children, doing silly things to amuse the grandchildren.


  1. so very true !
    I remember the story :)

  2. Lovely post Meena!!

    these days became very busy that couldn't get time to visit ur blog :(. thank u for all the PM's and the recipes u have shared. :D

  3. Lol :)
    Hahaha.. that is funny.. very true.. good post

  4. my sounds soo true and really impressive...awesome post meena..
    btw..for dosa batter, you soak 2 1/2 cups idly rice, 1/2 cup raw rice, 1/2 cup urad dal and a tsp of methi seeds. This proportion will never fails you to enjoy crispy golden dosa..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. thank u all for reading through this story and its the fact of life now a days,.

    and jay thanks for the tip, wud surely try to follow it next time

  6. Thanks Meena, for sharing this wonderful story it is true in every way.

  7. lovely post... lol..
    thanks for dropping by my space meena.. following you.. would love if you too would..
    and rgding that egg part I think you can substitute it with softened paneer. I used egg for binding and taste..
    Noel collections

  8. Hm. Me too read ths story. Funny yet true.
    N very diff frm wt ur ancient CULTURAL studies say abt the “THE FOUR STAGES OF LIFE”
    1 qest. Do u knw the writer!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

  9. mindblowing story dear.

    nice said about the story.


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