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Sago kesari--- a guest post

Hello everyone! Guess who is my today's guest. Boss Divya pramil from You too can cook. Does she need any intro? Well for those who don't know Divya, she is wonderful friend and amazing blogger who has fantastic recipes on her blog, both veg and non veg. We became friends when she had hosted Masterchef contest on her space and since then we have talked a lot on this and that. Fondly she is called baby boss in our circle as she is the youngest plus the boss of the event. She had shared last time nei urundai post with me. You can check it under guest tab corner at the top. She is also currently holding interesting challenge of South vs North. Check out the logo on my side bar to know more about it. For now lets see what Divya says about her recipe. Over to you Divya...


Am really glad to make another guest post for Meenu she is my most loving friend I got via blogging. Thanks Meenu for this lovely opportunity.

Kesari is a delicious Indian sweet or dessert usually prepared with Semolina (Sooji / rava) or with Vermicelli (Semiya), but I usually prepare kesari with Sago also, this is my hubby's favorite and I make this specially for him. I have tried both the milk sago kesari and plain sago kesari and both tastes awesome. Today am going to discuss about plain sago kesari. It’s very simple and easy to make yet looks and tastes too good. Sago has an interesting texture, when cooked turns out like jelly and looks so cute, whenever I make anything with it, before eating I just sit and admire those cute little balls. Try this interesting kesari with sago when you get a chance and am sure you will like it. Now let’s see what’s required and how to make Sago Kesari. 

Serves 5
Total Preparation Time - 5 minutes (Apart from soaking it overnight)
1.     Sago / Javvarisi - 100 grams 
2.     Cashew nuts - 8 to 10
3.     Sugar - 8 spoons 
4.     Salt - A pinch 
5.     Water - 50 ml 
6.     Kesari color / Any food color - A pinch (I used orange kesari color)
7.     Ghee - 2 spoons 

  • Take a big bowl add sago/javvarisi and pour 750 ml of water. See that you take a big bowl because the sago will double in size. Leave it soaked in water overnight or for atleast 4 hours in warm water.
  • Next morning take the soaked sago and drain off all the excess water and set aside.
  • Then place a pan or wok on flame and add 50 ml of water, sugar, kesari powder / kesari color, a pinch of salt, crushed cardamom pods or cardamom powder and stir well on low flame. 
  • Then when the sugar dissolves well add the soaked sago and mix well on low flame. 
  • Meanwhile place a tadka pan or wok on flame and add ghee into it after it heats up add chopped cashew nuts and roast until it turns slightly brownish.
  • Pour this ghee mixture into the kesari and cook until the water evaporates and the mixture turns thick. 
  • Remove from flame serve hot or chilled. 
TIP 1: You can add some raisins, chopped nuts like pistachio and almonds also while roasting the cashews. 

TIP 2: If you add some milk instead of water it will taste yummier. You can try this way also.  

Delicious Sago Kesari is now ready!! Serve as dessert!!


Wow what a yummy sweet. I had no idea sago can turn sweet this way also.  So what are you all waiting for! Lets hear what you all have to say. 

And once again wishing everyone a happy diwali and prosperous new year.


  1. Never tried sago kesari. Nice variation... Looks inviting

  2. Good recipe! thanks for sharing this meena and divya!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity dear Meenu :) AM so glad to make another guest post for you... Thanks for being such a nice friend :)
    Maida Burfi - A Festive Sweet
    My 5th guest post

  4. Looks delish. Thanks for this post dearies, Divya nd Meena. :-)

  5. This is new to me and looks very interesting!! Will try it out :) Love the orange color

  6. this looks very delicious. thank you Divya for this nice reicpe. :)

  7. Lovely colour, very nice post too!

  8. Very tempting and innovative kesari,never tried with sago yet. Beautiful guest post.

  9. yummy sweet,luks tempting...

  10. Looks so beautiful and delicious..

  11. Wow, that is some SERIOUSLY awesome recipe!!!!!!!

  12. Looks tasty have never tried anything different with Sago this is a good one.

  13. Innovative and delicious...Thanks for sharing Divya and Meena


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