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Hi My name is Meena and I am a housewife and call myself a multitasker. Well. we women do manage to do lots of things at a time. I started  blogging some months back  and I thought  to share all I have learnt over the years.Like the colors of rainbow my blog would cover varied topics which I hope all of you would like. I enjoy online games specially the room escape games. I also have another blog which covers basic facts and lists of things around the world. Feel free to check THE TOP TEN

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About the Blog:

I am sure the title would confuse a lot of my readers. I started out by writing the topics I knew and wanted to share and since I constantly chatter, the name of blog is chattersmusings. 

What is this blog about?

Anything and everything under the sun you can say. Topics range from travel tales to,food recipes to, computer related issues.  

> What sort of cuisines does the blog cover?

Well its all home made or rather what I make at home or learn from my friends or watching tv and my experiments with food. Some times the dish comes out yummy and at times not so good so well patience I guess. 

> What about your comments-policy?

I would love to hear from you, as the feedback helps me in improving myself. However, all spam, hateful,anonymous  & rude comments will be deleted. Please make sure to include your name in comments which would help me in identifying the commentator.

> Is your blog right protected?

Yes. I am the  owner of most of the  photos and content of this blog. This blog is registered & protected under a Creative Commons Attribution License. It is unethical to rip off content. I request you to ask me before you reproduce any of the content elsewhere or at least give due credit for my work. 

> I like your recipes/pictures and would like to feature it on my blog/website/magazine etc. Can I?

I'd really appreciate it if you could contact me first before reproducing my work so that I have a better understanding of how my work is going to be represented. You can use the contact form here.

For any queries of any sort please use contact form.

Enjoy your  visit here and would love to hear from everyone.


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