Monday, February 20, 2012

A ghost story............ Believe it or not!!!!!!!!!!

Boo! ! Got scared…… No its not Halloween time or trick or treat time. Its time for some ghostly talks or stories.  Do you believe in ghosts? Have you experienced a ghostly feeling around  you or felt any presence of any spirit.   Well let me share with you my ghostly experience, and I doubt if it was imagination as there were witnesses.  Hold on to your seats……………..

This incident happened years ago but still its quite fresh in my mind. My grandma had passed away some months back and that time we were staying on top floor of building and we had glass doors and windows with huge balcony outside.

It was  8pm and that time me,my brothers,my sister-in-law and sis were at home as my parents were away on holiday. It was hot summer evening and no wind of any sort. Air-condition was on and all doors and windows closed and locked. 

We were all watching tv and suddenly all of us heard a weird noise.  We thought maybe we just imagined it and ignored the noise. After few mins, again we heard a noise and this time something  weird we saw.  The handle on balcony door moved slightly, just like they show in movies. All of us were shocked and looked at handle in disbelief. We asked each other did you see that and everyone agreed, yes,the handle moved!

We waited and watched for some time then felt again it was imagination and decided to continue watching tv but after few mins door started rattling hard and handle moved again. It got so scary we huddled around each other but none of us had the guts to open the balcony and see whats making noise or who is moving the handle. There was no wind and it was too hot  outside.  We tried to peep through glass windows but couldn’t see anything at all.  Not knowing what to do, we all just  switched off tv, lights and ran away to our bedrooms and locked ourselves inside, as if the ghost or spirit needed locks to open the door..

We all thought our granny has come back as ghost and she wanted to enter the house. The next morning we all asked each other did we imagine or was there something.  But all of us were dead sure we heard  and saw handle moving.

It has been years now but that eerie feeling of that night is still there. Till this day none of us is sure what happened but one person may have imagined not  all  5 people in the house. 

I am not fond of horror movies or any ghost related stuff as I get scared and get nightmares. But this one was something weird and real.

So believe it or not that’s your choice. But did any of you ever had such experience. Would love to hear your views……………..

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  1. Personally I feel it would have best if one of you had taken the courage to open the door and check. It could also have been some prankster. Or maybe asked someone from houses nearby to see if someone was standing there or not.

    Spirits yes, I too believe they are there. But a spirit won't need walls to be kept out. If it had to enter, it would enter as such. Why would it need to rattle the door handle or try to open the door to enter???

    1. Ha Bhaskar when we were scared nothing came to our mind. there was no way there wud be prankster as our home was on top floor and no one can enter balcony from anywhere.

      that point i agree that a ghost or spirit wont rattle doors and just enter but it was totally weird

  2. Wow.. Is it real?? I can't believe this.. Really scary I should say..

    1. yes vinod it was and is real. i had talked about this some weeks back with my brothers and they also still remember this incident

  3. hmm..! there are some incidents in life you can never forget...! this is one of yours and this incident got all the reasons to have a tiny place in back of head..! !! hmm.. i can't imagine your feelings on that particular time when that door handle moved ..!

    Me personally i'll say i don't know about ghosts and all but i do believe there are many things in this world which we don't know about or sometimes deny its existence ..!

    1. hi amit. yes this was years ago but this incident has remained.

  4. Wow di... what an guys must be scared,
    can't say what was it but sometimes few things happens and few questions remain unanswered...talking like horror movies hehe...
    but it was really interesting to share your this experience;)
    thanks for shearing :)

    1. it was scary jolie very scary thats why i remembered this some weeks back again

  5. would you believe, only yesterday I remembered that you had promised to write about your experience of a ghost after reading mine !
    must have been scary for you !

    1. yes vimi ur post gave me idea and i did write it out but could not post that time. thaa na bahut scary.

  6. ohh...real scary..
    had the experience of playing YJA board with my friends and amazed at the movements of tumbler with candle inside..
    ..never had the guts to try it again..;(
    Tasty Appetite

  7. Hi Chatter, you must have been really frightened. Even I dont like watching horror movies. I believe that there are many things in this world that do exist which we do not know about or do not believe in them.

  8. What an errie experience you had. When I read this experience, I could feel myself in the thick of that event.
    Also thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments. As you wished , here is the link of Nargisi Kofta :
    Hope you like it. It too requires patience but trust me, the taste would make you superstar for the day.


  9. That was very interesting although I personally do not believe in ghosts or like horror movies for that matter :) Thanks for blogging about it though :) And your website is very beautiful :)

  10. Nothing to do with the blog, but can you tell me how to upload a picture so that it doesn't look like my negative is posting the comment?

  11. thank you jay, gauri, deepa and sangeeta. even i also feel it was something very unexplainable bt still it was eerie. and deepa thanks for nargis kofta recipe.

    sangeeta thanks yaar and about picture just go to ur google profile and update the picture there thats it.

    stay tuned for more posts soon.

  12. haha...I am scared :D

    This happens at times. And it is all in the mind. Believe me...there is nothing like Ghost in reality. All cooked up stories..falsely implicated. Hum darte hain and so hamein log darate hain..:)

  13. OMG !!!!! Meena, wt a scary incident u wrote. I wouldn’t hv believed the story or the incident if u hadn’t written it, if anyone else hd say tht thn I will tkh tht its nothing bt a gossip.

    M always believe in wt I c or feel. i hd never experience any such incident my self or of ghost n spirits only heard frm others tht too from many. Earlier I used to get scared from such story telling bt knw I m not affected by such stories.

    Can’t say abt gost, bt I do believe in spirits although I hd nvr experienced them as I said.

    To u I cn only say tht whn ths incident happen u hd lost ur grandma and spirits n ghost r the first thought tht would hv come to ur mind. And whatever anyone say u r nt changing ur conclusion on wt u saw or experienced tht night. I wuld share a incident it’s not abt gost or spirit bt smthing related to tht:

    In ur last Mumbai wala post I said abt Trimbakeshwar na, few years bck my Mama n mami visited their to perform the Narayan Nag bali pooja my mom dad n m accompanied thm. The rituals tht they perform r the say as one follows whn smone dies, n main ritiul is done in place whch like graveyard n for m to see all tht was too scarryyyyyyy. I hd never exepreince such in reality. Well m nt getting nightmares, bt m scared to go again to Trimnakeshwar. Pls. to all readers, I didn’t want to scare any one or mis lead abt the place.

  14. Whoooaaaaaa scary Di...

    I dont knw.. di.. bt it happend with me when we were in other home & i was preparing fr my 10th nd i felt a hand on my shoulder... nd when i turned back there was no one..!! nd no one was there at home too.. a hand literally pressed my shoulder... It was freaking scary!!

  15. Omg...such a terror incident. I was almost in a visual mood imagining things by your flow of writing.. I too had an experience when I was very young but no one believed me. Till now its an unanswered question for me like urs..


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