Friday, April 27, 2012

Rice Bhajiyas/pakodas/fritters

Hello everyone!  Today I am bringing you a dish which my late aunt loved  a lot. Very simple to make and tastes yummy.  Over the years I made bit of variations to it and it still tastes good. Hope you all like it.

This recipe consists of left over rice and it can be plain rice, biryani ,pulao or any cooked rice. We would make rice pakodas now.


Left over rice( depends on whatever quantity you have got)

½ cup plain yoghurt or dahi

1 cup besan (gram flour)
2green chillies cut in small pieces (increase according to quantity or taste)

Some coriander leaves cut

1/2tsp coriander seeds

1inch ginger cut in small pieces

Salt to taste

Oil to fry


Take rice in bowl and mix dahi (yoghurt) with it.  Keep it aside for some time till dahi almost soaks rice. Water is not needed here at all. Put besan , salt, chillies, coriander seeds, coriander leaves and ginger pieces and mix them all together with dahi and rice. The consistency should be bit thick to make pakodas.

Heat oil in pan and slowly take one spoonful of rice dahi mix and  drop in hot oil. Do the  same with the whole batter.  Deep fry pakodas till they turn bit golden. 
Take them off the pan and put on paper to soak excess oil.
Take them on plate and serve hot with chutney or sauce of your choice.
They are best as tea time snacks and plus your rice is also used up in this. 

Hope you enjoy this dish. Any comments or feedback is always welcome.

P.s I think most would be confused and I would suggest just go slow and add the dahi and besan and try out. if the besan is more it would become too hard and if its less rice would come out in oil. These pakodas are bit on softer side and with dahi you get bit of sour.khatta taste. The measurement is for indication purpose only.


  1. Thanks Meena, for a great snack. Good method to use up the leftover rice making a delicious snack out of it.

  2. Thanks di for the yummy snack.i will try to make it & agree this way is good to use up the leftover rice.

  3. Hey I have some leftover rice from yesterday's dinner .surely try this yummy pakora's today..

  4. Never never thought of using the rice in pakodas.. Very nice recipe....

  5. Very yummy snack, perfect with the evening chai..

  6. Looks like a yummy recipe. Def. will give it a try. thanks for sharing Meena

  7. Thanks dear for a yummy snack with leftover rice.

  8. Quite an addictive fritters,feel like munching some..

  9. my Mom used to love these :)
    & I make them regularly. Just put some oil in the batter to make them a bit crispy.

  10. Aap baas khana banaoge ya phir kabhi khilaoge bhi..:D
    Kab aaun khane yeh sab...muh mein to paani aagaya mere..:)

  11. hey all thanks very much for liking the recipe. my aunty used to make this a lot and same was made at my home also.
    @vimi oil i have never tried but next time would surely try it and see. as it is i like it when they are soft.

  12. A surprise for you at my space.drop in and check :)

  13. Looks incredible and super tempting..

  14. Nice blog n nice recipe. I am ur new follower. Do visit my blog when you get time :)

  15. @shanthi and lavanaya thanks for visit and liking this recipe. do look around for other posts too.

  16. looks great with innovative flavors..gonna try soon..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  17. Arrey waah !!! This is awesome. Best use of the left over rice. Super impressed Chatter. Gonna try it for sure :)

  18. Wonderful dear, rice pakodas with curds. I should try out this. I have tried curds pakodas.

    But one thing is they become very soft once they are cold.
    Similar recipe on my blog: Curds Fritter - Mosaru Kodabale and Mosaru Nipathu

  19. Very yummy snack, perfect with tea.. :)

  20. Very yummy snack, perfect with tea.. :)

  21. hey Meena, thats nice one. I will try next time.

  22. Hai Meena,I tried and tasted,It was awesome. all enyoyed this simply superb snack.


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