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Harry Potter journey ( finale part)

Hello everyone!!!

Today is finale part of the epic world of Harry Potter. The final movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 has just released and I think not all have read all the books or seen the movie yet. This post I would keep it brief.

As mentioned in my previous posts  HERE & HERE  the battle begins to destroy evil Lord Voldemort.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final of the Harry Potter novels  In the sixth book Half blood Prince, Harry learns that Voldemort has been using "horcruxes" to become immortal. When returning from a mission to discover a horcrux, Dumbledore is murdered by Snape, a former Death Eater whom Harry suspected of secretly remaining loyal to Voldemort. At the conclusion of the book, Harry decides to find and destroy Voldemort's remaining horcruxes to defeat the wizard.

 Following Dumbledore's death, Voldemort quickly rises to power and gains control of ministry of magic. Harry, Ron and Hermoine leave Hogwarts  to search for Horcruxes and destroy them so Voldemort becomes a mere mortal and can be destroyed.

What follows is adventure, capture, destruction and battle where the fight of good over evil  happens. I will not reveal what happens in the end as that is for you all to see.  Throughout the series, clues are given for the finale battle.As  I wrote out this part  I managed to see final movie and it was spectacular. Though not all scenes are as per book but nevertheless entire cast stands out for wonderful performance to an epic finale.
For more on what happens next I suggest read the book.    

The journey to Potter magic ends which depicted   hope, love, friendship, bravery and more. 
Though the series is over for now but for Potter lovers the magic still continues. 

At times I wonder what if we could learn all those magic spells.

 wingardium leviosa


 Accio  -summoning charm ( at the rate i cant find things i would find this more useful  hahaha)

Lumos - when power goes then lumos... instant light hahahaaa

14 long years and its still not over for many including me. 


  1. hey di
    this part is just awesome as previous ones
    love u di

  2. Hi Chatter, loved your well written "Potter Journey".

  3. This part is also amazing!!

    Include me also dii..for me also the magic is still not over...Wish there were more parts !!!

  4. lovely Di..:):)

  5. Hi CB. Liked ur brief version of HP finale.
    The HP magical world will always be loved & remembered by us.
    I don’t think that it’s sad the HP series ended, like the saying “EVERY BEGINNING HAS AN END”. And if the end it justifiable to what the writes wants to say then it’s a good moment for the ending.
    The whole series has conveyed some messages to all of us and just not entrained us. I have not yet seen the last part and I would not be able to read the book but I think the end will be a win of good against evil.

  6. Hey CB!!!

    Finally made it to the comment box...sorry for the delay!

    Loved your posts that explained the crux of the tale in a nutshell...well done. To me the biggest achievement of the HP series has to be that it brought thousands and millions of children back to books when otherwise they would have remained trapped in the web of IM, video games and such. They would have been deprived of the beauty of the written word and that would be a tragedy indeed.

    For fans of HP, please don't forget to check out Pottermore......that is the new electronic version of books and extra material that JK Rowling is launching in September....just google the word for the link.

    Thanks CB for these valuable blog posts of yours. I certainly think that you may have made some more HP converts :)-

  7. thanks all for encouraging me and loving the briefs on potter mania. @mukta what you said is right..“EVERY BEGINNING HAS AN END” and true there is message in each and every book and full on entertainment too.

    @vista glad to get your comment finally :)

    I agree biggest achievement was that all turned to reading again. and that is wonderful info about pottermore. I myself want loads of answers which didnt come in book so would wait for pottermore to come out. the last words by you made me smile more. thanks a lot and i certainly hope everyone does read this magical books as I have read all the books multiple times and re reading again and again. :)

    do visit again as I would come up with some new posts soon :)

  8. Firstly..mindblowing update di....

    ur a sweetheart...<3 thnks a tonn fr ur hardwork!!!

    Secondly.....I hav all the parts of potter films ..nd i cant get over it :P

    Its nt end its just beginning......

    Love u Harry Potter, Hermoine, Ron......


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