Tuesday, August 16, 2011

saga of having a housemaid...

Hello everyone! 

From where do  I begin? I am sure most households face the problem of having or not having a helper in the house who would do dishes and do sweeping, mopping and washing clothes etc.

Years back  I hired a maid to do dishes plus  cleaning but  I soon found out  I am left at mercy of maid who would pick her own convenient time to come and disturb our afternoon nap times.  

A quick sweep of floor, a quick wash on the plates and she is done leaving me to do it again. I said to myself thats it, I am not paying this maid for nothing and I fired her promptly for not coming on time and taking many leaves,. I thought I would do it myself as most of my friends don't have domestic help and they manage it very well.
Ha soon  I was doing more of  oohs and aahs  as my back and legs were hurting. Lazy me got dependent on maid to do  cleaning. I got a new maid and she has been with me for years and still dependency on maid and all their mood swings have to tolerate.  and yet  I kept her as the speed with which she washes dishes and does sweeping and mopping in flat  10mins.  Must be  a record eh!

And one fine day my maid vanishes without trace... aha  I wish  I had some magical power to find where she vanished and  I was left to do the chores again which I had lost the habit of doing.. tried over and over again to get new maid but zilch.. no one would come as they had other houses to do and I was thinking how do my friends manage without maids. Back to square one for me to do dishes  and mop and sweep and all that..Ha  I am not that young any more and there were more ouchs than  I had before..

As suddenly as my maid had vanished, she came back one fine day again after more than a month telling she had to go to village suddenly and could not inform me. I was happy to  get her back and yet again tolerate the timings the tantrums and the pay rise etc.

If you have a maid, then also problem and if you don't then also problem. I would not be writing this if  I had suddenly not missed my maid who had vanished without trace. Some generations before me had worked well without a maid but with changing times demand and dependency on maid rises.

Ha  I wish I had that Irona from RICHIE RICH  haha hahahha...


  1. Hi Chatter, Irona from Richie Rich hahahaha. How we all wish for one Irona. So true, we are so dependent on them, can't live with them but can't live without them either.

  2. oooooooooooohhhhhhhh my poor CB. Caught in the problem, of hving or not 2 hv a housemaid. I wish th ur wish comes true. hahahahaha.
    I am lucky that we don't hv any maid fr any house work. Me & my mom are the tow 24 hrs housemaid. hehehehehe
    Jokes apart dr. May we don't hv maid bt i surely understand if maid vanish's then wt prb one has to face.
    first of all there are some gud pts. in hving maid, like we share ur wrk laod with her, which makes us relax a bit, we complete ur household work on time. if the maid is wrking with us fr a long period of time she is treated like a family membr.

    the bad pt. we totaly depend on her, which is why take ur undue advt. If she vanishes, we left in what 2du!!!!!! situation. We can't hire new maid (due 2 they hv their union)& suppose we did & the vanished maid returns then their's a prob of choosing btw the 2. OMG.
    whenever I had too much household work, it makes me think OH!!! we should hv a HOUSEMAID, bt later looking at prbl to be faced & dependence on the maid,its nice th we don't hv a maid.
    Besides today getting a honest & devoted maid!!!??? Is out of quest.
    When I was a child & was in school, we had also kept a maid fr, luckily fr us we never had prblm with her. Bt after she left & we thought of other maid, we came to know abt the prb or say disadvts of maid, so my papa refused to keep any maid??? Lucky fr us.
    Even when we hv some get2 gether we never call a maid b’caus my mom, my aunts & didis & babhais & my frnds & myself r there to help each other.

    Hope u get a better solution fr this & sooner u get.
    Byeeeee dr. TC

  3. I have just one comment to make about my Bai.

    She is Hard working, Honest and Dedicated but talks too much, so much so that she is not even aware of the fact that none seem to be listening to her blabberings. =))

  4. Poor CB dii !!!!!!!

    Our housemaid comes 3 days in a week...& does sweeping & mopping the whole house in just 15 min.. hehe!!!!

    Well...Irona of Richie Rich..LOL !!!
    Wish everyone had someone like her..:D

  5. well said di
    my mom
    is facing same problem heheheh

  6. great post di... har ghar ki kahani... aapki zubaani :)))

  7. Di, sabki hai yahi kahani, humse zyada ab chalti hai bai logon ki manmani, jiski keemat padti hai gharwalon ko chukani :(


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