Friday, July 06, 2012

Healthy Green Roti with spinach

Hello everyone! How have you all been? My today’s recipe Is again a simple yet delicious and healthy roti. Everyone knows the benefits of  greens in our diet, so I won’t start the lecture on it again and I think time for  everyone to be popeye the sailor man again. Ha ha ha… 

Lets begin our spinach roti.


1cup chopped greens(  I have used spinach leaves, methi leaves, dill leaves and along with it one more green called khatta)

2green chillies

¼ inch ginger

¼ tsp each of coriander powder, amchur(drymango) powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder

Salt to taste
Some coriander leaves
2tbsp ghee
Water as needed

Wheat flour for rotis


Chop all the greens and keep in one cup, chop ginger and green chillies into small pieces. In a bowl, put wheat flour and all greens. Mix it nicely without water, add  salt and other dry masalas including chillies, ginger and green chillies, add ghee also, mix properly and add water slowly to make a nice tight dough.

Make atta like this.

Heat tawa.  Make balls from wheat flour a size bigger than lemons, roll it and cook it on tawa on both sides till its done, if needed  brush a little oil or ghee for it to cook properly,  keep the flame on medium heat.

Take out on plate and serve it hot with chutneys, tomato sauce or even dahi, you can have it as it is also.

In my home I make this for breakfast but at times when I am not in mood for elaborate dinner I make this as light dinner.  I have used ghee and oil a lot. You can skip the part of extra ghee or oil when you cook.

Hope you like this green, green roti with all leafy vegetables. Let me know what you think.
  Green palak roti is ready to be eaten.


  1. Thanks Meena for this nutritious recipe. Totally agree green veggies are an essential part of our diet.

  2. Perfect and delicious one Meenu

  3. Healthy recipie .thx for sharing

  4. Perfect parathas!!My all time favorite and super tempting... Loved the clicks..

  5. very healthy and perfectly made rotis

  6. perfect and healthy paratha.. looks so yummy..

  7. Nice one Meena ji.. :) That should be yummy.. I love such rotis..

  8. Healthy and delicious..nice recipe dear!

  9. The palak rotis have come out so good..wish I could eat them now..
    Meena,you had a query about baking.
    If you have a convection model, you can use a metal container when swiched on convection mode for baking. You get fresh yeast in Mumbai in a shop next to Alfa in Irla...don't remember the name of the shop..they sell all the farsaans too. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know...

  10. thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

  11. We make this type of dish, but only with one green veg. like only spinach or only methi (other green veg tht u hv used here I hv never heard abt thm) V call this dish as “PARATHAS” – ‘PALAK KA PARATHA / METHI KA PARATHA’. Whenever we travel or go for a outing, v make ths Parathas mostly methi wale as it last longer. One tip for u. when u make this roti 1st cook this green vegetable (as we normally cook) and then add that cooked veg. in wheat flour and make adough. “Methi ka paratha” with “hare mattat ki chutney” is super delicious.

  12. Those looks healthy and very inviting!

  13. Following you dear - do drop by and love to see you follow back :) ty -Priya

  14. Tried today,very healthy and taste also good meena.


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