Monday, August 29, 2011

SMS- USEFUL IRRITANT...............

Hello everyone!!!!  

I am back with a new topic and the subject of this came out when I was chatting with my friend  Gauri and we said the amount of sms that come our way at times amuses us and at times irritates us. Thats where the topic idea came in.  Thanks Gauri..

So what does sms mean? I am sure everyone knows that, right.

SMS means "Short Message Service"

Essential in everyday life to communicate when you are busy or you want to know something or for anything in particular but what should one do when you are bombarded by random smses.

Below are some examples which  we  get daily:

1. To buy unique health insurance plan on phone that reimburses yr doctor fees, hospital charges & gives tax benefit sms to ...

2. 10 on 10 Spa & Salon announces Cent % Discount Spl. Inaugural offer valid till 31st Aug 11 For appointment contact ...

3. For fractures, Arthritis, joint replace physiotherapy & Stem cell transplantation call .... ...

4. Health checkup @ yr Home inc. Diabetes, Liver, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Kidney. Iron, HbA1c total of 63 tests sms to ...

5. Are u still  on cable tv? Watch the difference on airtel digital tv free installation 1M free home delivery call ...

6  R U looking for job with Growth Opportunities and Better Salary? Register yr CV on ------ for Quick Job Offers ! ...

7. You have won $ 500,000, Kindly send your contact details..................
(some of the  sms like this should be ignored as they  are fake who ask for your account number etc.)


Just when you are busy to do your own work and bamm the above typical marketing sms comes beep beep buzz buzz or whatever tone you have set.  Even after DO NOT DISTURB registration they still pop up and we are left fuming and last option delete..

But on other side the smses are useful if there is some problem or something  you want to convey the sms works best. Particular in emergencies when network is low the sms does reach the person. Now a days  there are sites where one can send smses for free across the country.

Free SMS are like a boon to the people who are tired of looking at hefty mobile phone bills or spending hundreds of rupees to recharge their phones with various schemes. Now just switch on your PCs and log on to the site to send free SMS and with no single penny spent by you. Mobile operators charge a lot  to let you send free SMS and that to with certain limits like number of SMS and with validity.

At times SMS serves huge purpose in keeping the communication open and its discreet also.Fast and effective way to keep in touch with your family or friends. You can win contests also at times when you send in your answers through SMS.

Well, I guess we do have two sides of same coin. No wonder its such a useful irritant..... the SMS  service.

Your thoughts on this...............


  1. Thanks Chatter, for crediting me. U have have said it well SMS is two sides of one coin useful but yet so irritable. Enjoyed reading them all over again.

  2. Hye cb di,
    well said dear.
    the job offers and Insurance plans Sms irritates me alot,
    and now even after DND service it does'nt stops.
    Realy nice post

  3. Add one more. When in hospital and you not allowed to talk, sms could be the best answer to your problems with regards to communicating to others.

    But yes they are definitely also irritating too. I have a person on my contacts who finds 1am at night the best time to send her forwards. As long as they come at decent hours of the days, I have no issues with getting infinite number of sms.

  4. right you are Bhaskar. at times I get sms at 3am in middle of my deep sleep. I end up putting my fone on silent. Gauri and Cuty true at times they are just irritating but otherwise useful service.

  5. Very true..... It is irritating but at d same time it is useful..... also der some SMS 's which appear more than 3 times even aftr deleting them like the is annoyng also bt v r also informd abt d thngs dat ia going on around our city.....

    So it can b said 4 SMS's - I HATE u (Like i Love u - Delhi )

  6. lol sakshi that is true. its like you cant live with sms and you cant live without it. They are informative too but the sms above can be irritating.

  7. Hey CB :)....once again I am late :(.....but know that you will be kind to me! Awesome post...I guess the unsolicited sms are a big problem in India....not so much here because texting is not free and ur bill gets dinged every time you send or receive an sms! I just luvvvv the new's so beautiful and classy....taaliyaan!! :)

  8. Hi CB finally read ur post phew
    Hehe took a long time to read it hehe.I totally agree to wt u hv written.
    Bt can’t comment much as I am not habitual to mobile
    Fr me mb is just req fr sending / receiving some impt & urgent call or mesg.
    The most impt use of mb fr me is fr listening music/songs hehehe
    Just looking at the title I just keep deleting the msg (don’t even read them) sometimes
    Bt can’t gve the no fr DND, as sometimes we except some impt msg tht can’t be received.
    I hardly SMS any one, although I keep receiving SMS fr my fnds & colleagues.
    U can add one more SMS tht keep irritating. Thts from the mb comps, ur in roaming ur roaming chgs n all.


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