Monday, October 10, 2011

Computers & Windows installation

Howdy folks!

So as I was using my computer for some work, my mind went back to the time when we bought our first computer. It was long long long way back and I was a total novice in understanding the workings of computers.

Ever faced a problem, when your computer suddenly stops responding and you are left clueless, till your computer expert technician comes to the rescue.

Trust me, you are not alone in this. I have been using computer for many years and I had faced lots of known unknown problems, where something or the other would go wrong and my work stops. Then begins long wait for technician to get the problem sorted and fixed.

This post of mine is dedicated to all my computer technicians who had to put up with my constant bugging and questions and who  answered my queries over the phone or personal interactions, who taught me how to troubleshoot and how to install the operating system on the computer. Some of the answers though I got through Google search also.

For those who are still new to computers  I would recommend  you go through this site which helps you in understanding your computer better. 

Most of  us face the problems of installing operating system and since I have used Windows XP as OS I would give you the guide how to  format and install XP on your system.

There are two sites which  I found useful as I kept forgetting the steps.

For installing Windows 7 operating system.

Hope you find it useful. I am no expert but I learnt it all slowly.

A word of caution: if you are not sure about this then let your technician handle it, but this information was given  to help you understand your computer better.


  1. Thanks Chatter for the useful links will make it a point to go through them. Rightly said you are no expert you learnt it all slowly, so shall we with the help of your links.

  2. Hey cb di,
    awesome post dear.thanks for the links it surely gonna help me.
    When i started using computer I used to get alot of troubles,and dat switch off line was so true.but in dat case i sometimes kick my cpu ha ha,

  3. I am a big naive when it comes to the technical aspects of a computer. Always wait for the techie to appear n sort the minor issues of my pc. But this blog of yours is going to be very useful for people like me. Would make sure to go through the links and put them to use :)

    Thanx so much for the valuable info :)


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