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Destination...........Mount Abu

Hello everyone!

This week I'm going to take you up to the mountains with me to  Mount Abu.

Few years back I travelled with my family to this beautiful place in Rajasthan. Situated in the Aravali range, Mount Abu is an oasis in the desert sands of Rajasthan, it accedes the honour of being the only hill-station in Rajasthan as well as the whole of North-West India. Mount Abu  is home to the world famous tourist destination: the ancient  Dilwara Jain temples.  It  has a very cool and soothing climate. 

We had gone in month of November and it was freezing cold compared to Mumbai climate. After 12hours of journey by train from Mumbai we landed at Abu road station. From there we took shared taxi up the winding road towards the hill station with travel time of approximately  45mins. The first day we  rested and later went  to nearby sunset point. Spectacular view of setting sun atop the mountain.

 Day 2... We went to explore market which was about 10mins from our hotel. We hired a taxi to show us the long distance places like Dilwara jain temple,  Adhar devi temple. Photography is prohibited in  Dilwara jain temple and we had to deposit our camera and cell phones at security. Adhar devi temple is at great height and I didn't go up but my husband and son went up to see the spectacular view of the valley below.

Day 3....We  found  the best way to travel around Mount Abu by  rented Motorbikes and scooters, the latest  medium to enjoy beautiful Mount Abu to its fullest.Please note you require a valid driving licence for this service.You can hire the bike for whole day and roam around at your own convenience and we found this very useful and cost is very reasonable too. We went around more places and roamed market  lake and far off places.

Day  4... Me and my husband roamed around market to buy some stuff while my kids took the bike to explore some more regions including the museum.

Day  5... We had checked out of hotel and since we had enough time to catch our train we spend time at  nakki lake in afternoon and visited some shops. After lunch we got sharing taxi which took us down the winding road back to Abu Road station from where we took our train back to Mumbai thus bidding good bye to a beautiful hill retreat.

Though Mount Abu can be visited throughout the year I preferred winters as it was all around pleasant with chill in the air in the evenings.  While  travelling Mount Abu you must feast on  the Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Rajasthani, south Indian, Punjabi, Chinese or Continental dishes. The variety offered is so vast that you may try new dishes in every meal. Even the smaller eating joints in Mount Abu are shining clean. Amongst the many delicious dishes you must try out the pav bhaji and the Rajasthani thali. My personal favorite was  sev tomato sabzi.

Sight seeing.

Dilwara Jain Temple: These beautifully carved temples built between 11th and 13th century A.D. are sheer elegance in marble, dedicated to the jain Tirthankaras. The Vimal Vasahi temple is the oldest of these dedicated to the first Tirthankara. Built in 1031 A.D. (by Vimal Shah-a merchant and representative of then Gujarat ruler), it is a superb example of temple architecture.
Adhar Devi Temple: The temple is chiselled out of a huge rock reached by a flight of 360 stairs. A favourite tourist spot.
Sunset Point: Spectacular sight of the setting sun when the hills are covered in the golden glow can be viewed from here.
Honeymoon Point: Also known as Andra Point, it offers an enchanting view of the verdant plains and valleys. The place looks most beautiful during the dusk hours.
Gardens and Parks: Beautifully laid parks and gardens are interspersed throughout the hilly paradise. Ashok Vatika,Gandhi park, Municipal Park,Shaitan Singh Park and Terrace Garden are some of the noteworthy gardens.
Museum and Art Gallery: Located at the Raj Bhawan, it was a collection of archaeological excavations dating back to 8th-12th century A.D. It also has Jain bronze carvings,brassworks etc. for viewing.

Nakki Lake - Situated within walking distance from the main market and almost 80% of Hotel's and restaurant's of Mount Abu, Nakki lake posses the crown of being the heart of Mount Abu. The hub of evening activity and boating - Nakki Lake is the perfect place to spent your evening with your partner, friends and family.The picture perfect location of the lake surrounded with mountains, gardens and rock formations also make it a very good location for photography. In the evening the setting sun makes the canvas 

How To Reach Mount Abu 

To reach Mount Abu by Rail: Abu Road is the nearest railway station just 28 KM from the main city, Which is very well connected by rail routes to New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Mumbai. From Abu Road you can opt for state transport service (usually every hour) or Taxis on both sharing and private basis.
To reach Mount Abu by Air: The nearest airport is Udaipur at a distance of 185 km, But Ahmedabad is having better connectivity and daily flights with other parts of the country and is just 221 KM from Mount Abu, from Ahmedabad or Udaipur.
To reach Mount Abu by Road: Mount Abu is well connected by road with major cities of the country, nearest national highway no. 14 is just 24 KM's.

There are many budget hotels in Mount Abu and very centrally located near the lake and market. We had however stayed in  Hotel Sunset Inn. Reasonably priced, good food and good ambience with very helpful staff. It is also very near to sunset point.

A trip of 4nights is enough to enjoy the beauty of  this hill station   I would like to share with you all some of the wonderful pictures  which I took on my trip.


Adhar devi temple




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  1. Hi Chatter, Lovely post on Mt. Abu and even more lovlier place to visit. Thanks for all the information sure you must have relived all the memories while writing this post.

  2. Amazing journey and place..Nicely described..:) Cool

  3. Hey di thanx for sharing info about reaching thr and all and spcl thanx for pics, i wish sumday i can visit Maunt Abu , Rajasthan always seems beautiful to me..

  4. Hiiee Di...

    Nicely described.. I have just seen Mount Abu's station.. hehehe.. bt wanna see it.. :)))

    thnk u fr telling us so much abt it...

    It must have been amazing journey na?? I have heard abt it frm my parents.. v are even planning to go there in near future..

  5. Awesome pics .Love your blog .

    Follow each other .

  6. Enticing ! Seems I will have to include Mount Abu in my itinerary soon. Cool post !

  7. Thank you all for liking this post and hope you all do get to visit this lovely place. winters was the best though summer could be good as nakki lake fills up and then one can enjoy boating there.

  8. @meena: great post on mount abu, wish i could have seen it.

    yep, the next version i am doing the same put it into idli cooker in each cup and make a cup cake.

  9. sure hema do let me know when you make next version I would love to try it out. and hope u take time out to visit this lovely place one day.

  10. Awesome description of Mt. Abu. The pics are pretty good too.

    P.S: I had already read the post but did not comment but seeing your comment on my blog, I felt obliged to do so now.

  11. Thanks for comment akhilesh. I do comment on the posts I like and understand :)

  12. Hi CB,
    Thnks fr sharing ur precious moments with us. N fr the info u provided.
    Nice description n photos of Abu……..
    I hv travelled many cities of Raj ., Udaipur, Jaipur (twice), Ajmer, Jodhpur (nearest place to Abu)etc,etc bt culdnt visit Abu (although we hd plans 2 visit Abu many tms) the pics really show hw beautiful tht palce is.
    Keeping m fingers crossed, maybe smday I will visit ths place.
    N fr fulfilling our appetite u hv nice choice ha, Pav Bhaji my fav, n sev ki sbaji yeah spc dish of Rajasthan. I hd nvr been 2 Mt Abu bt I cn suggest tht Gatte ki sabje (another spc dish) or puloav with gatte & dal batti wuld be nice 2.

  13. hi, nice and informational post.

  14. hi, good and informational post

  15. Hi, very nice post. We are wanting to visit mount abu and hire a scooter there. Is it safe travelling to near by places by scooter. As you mentioned in your blog that you hired one, what places did you visit? is the downhill drive easier on the slopes as I was wondering if you switched off the engine and rode to enjoy the fun? Any tips...


  16. Nice trip to Mount Abu and images also. Check all best places to visit in Mount Abu.


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