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Discover Coorg in Karnataka

Nestled in south-west Karnataka lies Coorg, a small hillstation that’s often called ‘The Scotland of the East’. This beautiful hill station is an ideal base for trekking, rafting or just relaxing in beautiful surroundings.

Things to see and do

Spectacular sights and viewpoints: In Mercara or Madikeri, explore the proud Madikeri Fort, which was built in 17th century. Here, the Raja’s Seat overlooks a deep valley and from here you can enjoy spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset. At the Abbey Falls water cascades to a depth of 70 feet into a rocky valley offering an unforgettable sight to visitors.

Trekking: From easy to arduous treks, Coorg has varying trails for all kinds of adventure seeker. The best season to plan treks in Coorg is December to May. The three main mountain peaks in Coorg for trekking are Brahmagiri, Pushpagiri and Tadiandamol.

On the river: Located on the banks of the river Cauvery is the Valnoor Fishing Camp where avid fishing enthusiasts can indulge in the luxury of angling for the huge game fish mahseer. During the monsoon season between the months of July and October visitors can experience the rush of adrenaline from a Coorg white water rafting adventure. Outside of the monsoon there are still opportunities to try out still water rafting but to experience the river at it’s best the white water rafting experience is highly recommended.

Sample the local cuisine: The Kodavas pride themselves on being foodies and the local cuisine is a highlight of any Coorg trip. It is famous for unique non-vegetarians dishes particularly based on game meats, pork (pandhi), chicken (koli) and lamb (yarchi). 

Visit a coffee plantation: When you are in Coorg visiting a coffee plantation is essential, but instead of a quick tour why not spend some time with the coffee pickers! Joining them for half a day is an interesting experience and will help you appreciate your piping hot coffee made with fresh beans!

Getting to Coorg

The closest airports are in Bangalore (260 km) and Mangalore (135 km). The nearest railway station is 146 kms away, in Mysore.

This article was written by Mahindra Homestays . For further information about Coorg they have a Coorg guide  on their website and a collection of Coorg homestays.


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  7. Outside of the monsoon there are still opportunities to try out still water rafting.


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