Sunday, December 04, 2011

Own Nothing........... a poem

Today I present you a poem by my dear friend Jolie.

Own Nothing

I own nothing,
There was a time,
When I have desires,
When I have feelings,
When I have expectations,

There was a time,
When I had dreams,
There was a time,
When I had expectations to win the world,'
There was a time,
 When I   had believe that "I have someone, who loves me"
There was a time,
 When I had believe that "He will be with me"
There was a time,
 When I was firm that "he will trust me if I stand against the world"
..Now I own nothing, 

That One is gone,
I own nothing because he left me for world,
I own nothing because he trust world not me,
I own nothing because he was never with me,
I own nothing because he never loved me,

I own nothing because that one left me,
Is it the reason that I own nothing?
I own nothing because I trusted someone else,
Not in me,.
I own nothing because I expected other to stand for me,
Not for my self,
I own nothing because I deserved nothing, that nothing

 Now I realize
I own nothing,
Not even fear to loose,
Not even fear to fall back,
Not even fear to be wrong,
Because now I own nothing,
Not even   A Dictator, A controller of my life
I own nothing but my self.


  1. Thanx for considering it worthy to give place here :-)

  2. Ahem Ahem.....!!

    Kudos Neha.... Lub you...

    Very very meaningful poem...!!

    Luvd it..

    Thank You Di... fr posting it here...

  3. Nice little poem from Jolie :) Good work Jolie..Thanks for sharing it to us friend....:)

  4. Thanks Jolie for a lovely and meaningful poem and thanks Chatter for sharing it with us.

  5. Hey Prashu:) Gauri di :) and iTechColumn :) thanx for liking it and big thanx to CB di :D

  6. Hey 2 my beloved frnds Neha n CB,
    Hm I m impressed nehu dr. n thnks CB fr sharing the poem.
    Neha M always liked n lved ur work (in IF)
    Ths poem add to the list.


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