Thursday, January 12, 2012

What type of person you are.... find out

Hello! Today’s post is to describe the types of people we meet in our daily lives. It’s a humor post so have fun.

Impatient person:  always in hurry type and won’t think twice before talking and wants things done first and fast. In this category also come people who see the shopowner is still opening the shop and yet say I want this or that.

Interfering person:  he or she won’t see if the person is busy talking to someone or doing something and straight away butt in trying to make the other person notice him.

Stupid person:  there are shops here who have big telephone booths for Local, national or international calls and yet this person would barge in and ask DO YOU HAVE TELEPHONE BOOTH! Uff they somehow miss the six footer booth standing outside the door.

Annoying type: every few mins he would ask questions related to the work he is doing. If you don’t know then why are you sitting here?

Silent type:  who won’t say a word what they want and just use hand sign to tell his message or whatever he wants to tell.

Forgetful type:  these people tend to forget their own things like wallet diary or cellphone and even forget to pay to shopkeeper and straight buzz off without backward glance but they do remember at times that they forgot their personal belongings.

Accusing type:  the blame game begins. Mistake is of this person yet doesn’t stop him from accusing the shop owner or the other person. These people also fall in the category of abusive people with flair knowledge of slang words.

The know-it-all type:  ever ready to say they know everything and would try to fix things without waiting for approval and won’t listen to a  no.

These are sort of negative people and there may be more too.

Helpful person: he would stick around and help out on his own without any acknowledgment

Cheerful person: always says hi hello how are you with a nice smile.

Generous person: he would walk away  intentionally or unintentionally paying more than he is charged for.

Straightforward person:  they come, they do their work and they leave without any argument or anything.

The honest person:  he would  give out things he sees or pays  even the bills the shop owner forgets to  collect.

Well this is my list. Feel free to add more if you know and yes……. Which type of person are you from the above…. Remember I would  wait for your answers so do answer generously  and honestly…….  And  if you are one of the negative ones….. change yourself to positive  one….

Have a nice day  everyone.


  1. Hhahaha Chatter, this is a really funny and interesting one. Enjoyed reading about the different types and kind of people we meet in our everyday lives. Me being a straitforward person dont like the interfering ones you have mentioned in your post above.

  2. I am kind of helpful and straightforward person ,
    it's really great to know the different types of persons..

  3. Nice one Meena!

    Hmm Mine is a bit of combination of 3 i can say that. Helpful, Cheerful and Honest :)

    Helpful - i learnt from my parents
    Cheerful - from my mom specially; how ever the person is or how much ever they hurt u, u must not show that on ur face and greet them with a smile
    Honest - i even got scolding for being Honest at times. im very particular in this; don't lose & don't make a loss to others :)

    sorry for my lengthy post; but just wanted to share :)

  4. Well shopkeepers can be at peace with me as I prefer not to go there itself. ;) hate shopping like anything. 99% of my shopping is done by others, always find helpful hands there.

  5. Hey CB. Nice post. U hd observed many people ha.
    I am nt fitting in any of the abv list, hehehehe
    cn say close to silent n helpful person n ya also cheerful. Hehehe
    Actually m very reserved type of person so nvr hd meet people (out of fmly n fmly frnds), only whn I got job I started 2 meet these types of peoples.
    Also, I wuld like 2 add 1 more, BUNDALBAJ hehhehe (dnt knw wt 2 say in English): ths type of person keep saying “I did tht”, “I can do tht” etc etc just lying or prasing ownself.

  6. Haha.. Nice humourous post you have composed with a nice style :D
    Keep up the good work.. and what ever you have mentioned in this post are true...

  7. @gauri. i call these types of people namoonas or samples.. i see them every day and the first one is the most annoying one.. who wont wait for shop to open.

    @ vimal great u are listed in positive people...

    @ swetha dont worry about lengthy comment i enjoyed what you wrote..

    @ bhaskar. hahhaa kya yaar

    @ mukta hhaha these ppl we see them daily some place or other.

    @ vinod... hhaha i know its true i have personally experienced these..

    @ all thanks for liking this post and commenting...

    keep visiting for more stories

  8. there are shops here who have big telephone booths for Local, national or international calls and yet this person would barge in and ask DO YOU HAVE TELEPHONE BOOTH! Uff they somehow miss the six footer booth standing outside the door....Reminds me of some Hero's mother in old Hindi movies..'a gaye, beta !' ;)

  9. very interesting...
    I find myself more like cheerful person..;)
    have a great day
    Tasty Appetite

  10. @vimi hehe ya i know typical filmy style. but its hilarious they cant see the booth outside.

    @jay thanks for commenting .. good to be cheerful person..

  11. That's a nice and thought provoking post dear...:)



  13. thank you for ur valuable comment and visit doctor

  14. Meena,

    Thanks for this post.

    I am an impatient person at times and always a straight forward person.

    Ongoing Event: MurariAnniversary-Giveaway-2012

  15. thank you hema for ur comments.. well me also same here... but not like the samples i gave above in my post...

  16. sorry di.. couldnt comment early!! was bit busy :(

    neways its an interesting post di.. bt however I can understand who am i!! I think m mixture of many persons mentioned here...

    Thnks u fr the post di

  17. feww 3rd comment at one go hehe
    sorry for being so late di
    nice post di,
    want to add one type more don't know positive or nigative
    "i told you" types hehe
    who always claim that they had predicted the thing before it happen hehe


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