Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pros and cons of social networking sites...

Just the other day I was surfing the net and was thinking how much the importance of social networking has increased. That made me wonder there is always plus and minus points of things and I set down to write.

Online social networking is big part of world wide web where it brings every kind of social group together in one place and letting them interact  Everything about it lies on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking, and what it can do for you.

Lets list out its pros or advantages.


It is  cheaper to use online social networking for both personal and business use because most of it is usually free. While personal use is very simple for anyone, the business side  one can find  potential customers and target markets adding a boost to their business.
For blogs and websites this is best and easiest way to promote and learn.

The best reason to join any social networking site is that it lets you make connections with other people. You can use social networking sites to find good friends and socialize. If the social network is popular and good, you may be able to track down old friends and acquaintances and renew long-lost friendships.Personally I had seen this and I made new friends as well as got connected to old ones through this.

Many social networking sites have lots of applications in form of games.quizzes,reviews etc. In facebook farmville is very popular along with other games.


The biggest  social networking drawback is that it makes identity theft easier. In order to create a profile on a social networking site, you have to share some information about yourself, like name, age,location,gender and many other details and while some social sites allow some information to be hidden but its always a risk of giving out too many details about yourself. At times using this information which is willingly or unwillingly given there have been cases of stalking ,scams and many more.

Another thing is many scammers trick people into downloading malicious programmes on their computers. It gets very addictive to lots of people as they tend to stay online all the time and keep adding everyone then it gets overwhelming whose message to read and whose to skip. It becomes hard to keep track. I had myself quit farmville because of addiction.

For me personally, it has worked wonderfully well and I got to learn a lot of things. Just a advice from my side for all the new internet and social network addicts.Take it easy and stay safe and enjoy.

So, my friends, what is your take on this? Do share your views.


  1. Hi Meena, agree with all that you have mentioned social networking sites are good in getting in touch with friends located far and near and disadvantageous as well as you have mentioned one gives personal information about oneself.

  2. Hi ji..

    You are right..
    But, it is up to us to use it wisely.. Anything used in a negative manner can cause problem..

    Social networking sites can help us reach out to many people for advertising a product/site/anything.. :)
    SN is becoming a part of marketing anything online..

    SN can become a trouble by what we do there.. it is completely controlled by us..

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  8. Nice article. I agree to your points. There are both good and bad things associated with social networking. But luckily for me, it has been a roller-coaster ride till date, free from worries or any potential threat. But anyways, one must know how to make use of such sites without being in any trouble.

    I remember long back I had come across one thought from Mark Zukerberg, the founder of the facebook. He has said " There is nothing like privacy on social networks" And I think its true. So, it is always good to know what to share and how much to share, whom to friend with and whom not to...I am sure there won't be any issues bothering anyone..!!

  9. we have to be careful, what we share on these sites, still it is easier to share things with family & friends !

  10. Indeed Meena ur right, thnks to these type of sites I cn chat with my family n frnds any time, an as its free there no tension of a having huge mobile / telephone bills. Not only the people we know, but without knowing each other personally we can be frnds with any one from any part of the world. N it was b’coz of such site we meet n r nw frnds. Sharing all types of ideas, recipes, etc.

    But then as is it every coin has two sides, if it has advantage so has its advantage, n that u have mentioned. Not only giving ur details is risky, but also to trust an unknown person on the given details may be also risky. The ads can just be a mere trap.

    It leaves us to decide how much one should be addicted to such sites. As for me I have only added my family members, n frnd whom I know personally like family frnds in my list.
    One thing is unavoidable is that we have to share r details on some site which offer jobs, n we have to mention r true identity and sometimes photos too. N that’s a bit risky.


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