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Healthy Oats and Nuts Balls – Kids Friendly Snack

Hello everyone!  Since variety is the spice of the life, I would like to  now add some tadka(variety) into the dal( my blog) and introduce a guest column which would enable my blogger friends to share their world, experiences, cooking or any thing else. And here goes my first guest Aarthi.. Read on in her words.


When I was asked to do a guest post by Meena, I never wanted to say no to her..I accepted immediately..Thank you Meena for giving me this opportunity to post my recipe in your awesome blog. I am really happy to meet all your viewers and do this post.

Hai Friends..My Name is Aarthi, I blog at YUMMY TUMMY. I have a lovely food blog which explains all recipes around the world in step by step instructions with pictures which will be so helpful to you. I welcome all of you to come and explore my blog.

You can read more about me in my blog..

Now talking about this balls..They are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S but so healthy for you. I am sure that your kids will go crazy about these balls and will bug you always to make this for them..I hope you will love it for sure and do come to my blog for more recipes…


Oats – 100 gms
Jaggery / Sarkarai / Vellam – 150 gms grated
Cashews - ½  cup Toasted and chopped
Raisans / Kishmish – ½ cup
Ghee – 1 tblspn or to spread on hands while rolling
Sprinkles as needed (optional)
Water – 50 ml


Take oats in a dry pan and toast it for few minutes till you get nice aroma of it. Remove on to a plate and allow to cool down.

Heat jaggery and water in a kadai and heat it up. Let the jaggery melt down and begins to bubble up.

 Let it bubble untill it gets thick and the right consistency.( to check that drop few drops of jaggery in a plate that is filled with cold water, the jaggery should not melt in the water, if you press that with your fingers it should cometogether and form balls out of it).

Now add in oats, cashews, and raisans. Mix well.

Take it off the heat and add some sprinkles in it to make it more colourful.Mix well.

Now while it is still warm. Apply some ghee in your fingers and form small balls out of it.

Arrange it in a platter and serve or allow it to cool completely and put in a air tight container.


1)You can use sugar instead of jaggery . But jaggery makes it so healthy and tasty than sugar.
2)You can add any flavoring in this like cocoa, vanilla, coconut.
3) You can add any nuts like you wish.
4)If your mixture gets cool and started to stuck in the bottom, just put it back on a low heat . The jaggery will melt again. Now form balls out of it.

                                                           Take all your ingredients
                                                           Start by roasting your oats
                                                Remove to a plate and allow to cool down

                                                      Take jaggery and water in a pan
                                                      Take jaggery and water in a pan
                                                         Let it boil till thick and glossy

put a small drop over a bowl of water, it shouldn't dissolve in that
Now add in oats, cashews and raisins

Mix well
                                                  Off the heat and add sprinklers in them

 and mix well
shape balls out of it.. apply some oil in your hands

You are done... Serve

Or put in box and store


Hope you all enjoyed this recipe as much as I did. Many thanks to Aarthi for this lovely recipe.


  1. Hi Meena and Aarthi Thank you for posting this yummy recipe. Sure kids would love Oats and nut balls. Its simple to make and the oats, nuts and jaggery make it nutritious too.

  2. thank u Meena & Aarthi for this wonderful recipe :).

    will try this for sure.

  3. lovely guest post by Aarthi.loved her healthy and delicious recipe.Thanks Meena and Aarthi for sharing this..

  4. wow so simple and delicious!

  5. wonderful guest post by Aarthi..healthy and delicious sweet :)

  6. this is awesome..would love to taste now
    thank you aarthi, meena..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  7. Wow,super healthy balls,feel like gobbing some..

  8. thank you everyone for liking this.

  9. This recipe is very easy and very healthy. I have to try it now but with peanuts and not cashew. Thanks Meena for posting it

  10. I do this laddus in d same way..really healthy 1..n this luks double yumm n lovely.nice guets post.

  11. sounds yummy ! thanks for sharing this...

  12. Kya baat hain...paani hi paani muh mein. Itna tasty item kab milega khaneko...can I know :P

  13. good healthy recipe.


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