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Jawahar- Mini Mahableshwar

Hello everyone! How have you all been? I know I had been absent for almost a week but I am back now and with a travel tale. On 4th June, went to a nearby place for rest and relaxation and little did I know what was awaiting for me there.  Mumbai has very hectic life and at times one feels like getting away from this maddening noise and crowd. My destination this time was JAWAHAR, a village situated in the lap of "Sahyadari Mountains".About 1800 ft above the Sea Level, and beautiful natural 'Waterfalls', 'Hills', 'Trees', 'Fog' etc Jawahar is ideal spot to relax and refresh. As i wrote this post, I recall that some weeks back I had mentioned in one of my posts that I have yet to visit Jawahar and finally I did come here.

Check out my post HERE

How to reach Jawahar:
Mumbai To Jawhar ...........140 K.M.
Borivali To Jawhar (Via Manor, Vikramgad) ............110 K.M.
Borivali To Jawhar (Via Manor, Charoti) ..............125 K.M.
Thane To Jawhar (Via Bhiwandi to Vikramgad) .............90 K.M.
Vapi To Jawhar (Via Charoti) .............95 K.M.
Bulsar To Jawhar (Via Charoti) ................130 K.M.
Surat To Jawhar (Via Charoti) ................210 K.M. 

Ideal stay is 2days and enough to explore the region and enjoy. From Mumbai  the place is just about 3hrs of drive and passes through small village Vikramgadh.
cottages with warli paintings on outside
We stayed at SUNSETPOINT RESORT and as soon as we reached there it seemed I am back in my childhood with village like atmosphere. The resort has about 15 cottages with  warli paintings on outside and slanting roofs. 
Sunset point is attached to this resort from one side and we could see lovely sunset from there.

There are some other beautiful places to visit too. Jai vilas palace, also known as Raj Bari used to be the residential palace of the kings of Munke family. This palace is located on a hill top and due to its location it was used by the kings to keep an eye on their enemies. Its most attractive feature is its domes while its surroundings comprise of lush green forests. The interiors of this palace display the culture and lifestyle of tribal kings of Munke family. Due to its unique architecture, the palace has also been used for several film shootings.

ha  and I thought I would act as a ghost there and started humming the old song kahin deep jale kahin dil and my hubby started laughing.  The palace looked haunted to me at some places and with voice echoing in the big corridor one can't help but get the eerie feeling here.
Next to visit was the sunrise point aka Hanuman point from where we could see lovely view of the valley which is 500 feet deep.                                   
 This all we saw on our first day at the resort and had left after tea in evening. Night we rested and next day went to some new places.

The shirpamal,  is a 300 years old creation of the Great Maratha King. "Shivaji Maharaj" created the 'Gateway' on the top of the highest hill to keep watch on the enemy. It gives you the aerial view of the complete valley. Its Thrill is worth experiencing. Shirpamal is just 5 minutes from Sunset Point Resort.

In the pic it looks a big one but in reality its not that big but the view from here was splendid and inside the gate is flag atop the pole.


 'Jai Sagar Dam'. It is the most attractive picnic spot. It is the most common tourist spot for the "Love Birds". There is joy and entertainments at its bank. Currently there was no water but during monsoons it fills up.


Last place to visit was this scary but thrilling  Dabhosa water fall. It is 300 feet high nature's miracle.When we saw it sadly there was no water so just took the pic from way above. It has to be seen to be believed and I think if we could have seen water fall it would have almost been like Niagara falls.

For adventurous people,  monsoon may seem ideal time to visit to see nature in its fine glory. But for us it was a wonderful feeling to be there and to be away from everything and yet enjoy. 

A word about Sunsetpoint resort. Mr Pradeep, the owner was very cordial and friendly person and the food was excellent there with reasonable rates. The staff were courteous and service was good. If you just ignore some minor cracks or torn carpet in rooms, you would still love it out there in village type settings, Jawahar and the resort has its own rustic charm and I found it very peaceful and enjoyable. Hope you all enjoyed this trip with me. I have some more pics which I have uploaded on my picassa page. Feel free to have a look. Click on the link to check the album.


  1. Hi Meena, Lovely place so peaceful and beautiful sure you must have enjoyed your holiday. In the rains it must look even more beautiful with so much greenery and fog all round !

  2. I had been to this place when I was a kid.. The pics are real awesome... :)

  3. nice place. you must had fun.. beautiful photos

  4. Looks like you had a lovely trip..

  5. Wow...thanks for sharing these amazing pics. I wish I was there too to enjoy this beautiful nature. Awesome pics..Keep writing !!

  6. You have written the distance from Surat too :)
    I had never heard the name of the place ! the name reminds me of Jawahar Tunnel :))
    When I saw the pics at picasa, I kept thinking that the best season to visit this place would be monsoon !
    would love to visit that 'Aahat' palace !
    Thanks for taking us to this trip with your words :)

  7. Nice virtual tour..and lovely pics.
    Never heard of this place..and it is not too far from Mumbai.
    Do check out my other blog.. I Post lot of things there too.

  8. Thank you everyone for enjoying this trip with me. I had a great refreshing time being away from everything.

    @vimi the place is awesome and i am sure by road you wud be able to come to this place in aprx 6hrs from surat.

    @shobha i saw that blog of yours and lovely writings there.

  9. Awesome post.....Thanks for sharing the information along with the pics

  10. Nice place, Jawahar. Wish could visit sometime.

    Hema's Adugemane

  11. nice clicks and hope u all had a great time :)

  12. Meena through your post I imagined myself at Jawahar :-) thanks for sharing pics and good to hear that u had gala time at resort

  13. Wow nice place. It’s a Beautiful and peaceful place. Nice escape from the fussy city life. I am tempted to visit this place

  14. I visited Jawahar when I was in school in tour . I want to visit this place again. Thanks for sharing.Beautiful place.


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