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Places to visit near Mumbai

Hello all.   This week is  my finale part  about Mumbai. Today  I  would list out some of the places to visit near Mumbai.  Some are religious places, some hill stations and some beach destinations.

I have been to some of the places which  I would describe  as  I mention names. These places by road are  aprox  4-6 hrs travel time.

Hill stations: 
Matheran:  One of the few places in the world where all vehicles are banned which makes this place unique.  To go to Matheran you have to take a toy train from Neral station.

Mahableshwar:  beautiful hill station in Satara district of Maharashtra. It has many beautiful points to enjoy and the venna lake is one of the major tourist attraction.



Lonavala/Khandala:  just about 3hrs away from Mumbai by road and you enter this lovely hill station. Its famous for Lonavala chikki and Bhushi dam.  Khandala is  joined to Lonavala. The famous Amby Valley is in Lonavala.



I have been to above places  some years back its like taking a very relaxing break after hectic life in Mumbai.  There are few more places which I have not visited like, Amboli, Jawahar, Saputara, Panhala.

Lavasa is a new hill station which is near Pune city.


Though Mumbai has its own beaches but if you want a beach holiday away from Mumbai then you can try these places.
Alibaug: I  had written about this  in one of my earlier blog post here.

Daman, Dahanu, Ganpatipule, Kashid. Murud are some of the other beach destinations.
I have been to Dahanu too and its quiet place away from fast paced life of city and famous for its chikoos.



Religious Places:

Nasik, Shirdi Trimbakeshwar are some  of the places to visit

Apart from these there are numerous getaways like Silvassa, Bhandardara.Igatpuri and Aurangabad where world heritage sites  of Ajanta and Ellora caves are located.  I had been there years ago so I don’t have any pictures of the caves.

There are many more places but if I list them all my post would get real long. And with this concludes my series on Mumbai.

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The above pics were taken by old camera and I had visited some of the above places long back. Now there would be some changes. 

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  1. Thanks Chatter, for this wonderful post. As a child i enjoyed going for holidays to Matheran and Mahableshwar. Reading your post was reliving my childhood days.

  2. Nice post.. :) Thanks for sharing the nice pics..

  3. hmm...nice post. I have made a note of all these places and I will surely visit them in the times to come. Thanks a lot for this useful list. Keep writing..!

  4. For years I am planning to visit Matheran, but so far have not been able to...same with Saputara...

  5. fewww finaly m commenting hehe
    Di whole series on Mumbai is really great..
    and i really enjoyed to read it;)
    and about this post

    this is really fab specially Pics made it more interesting :)

  6. thanks for all the info about Mumbai Meena! its good to know abt the place. thanks for sharing... :)

  7. thank you everyone for your wonderful comments..

  8. Wow! I love the new look of your blog Meena, it looks so beautiful now :) And a great insight into Mumbai :) I have been to the city 4 times but always remained in the suburbs. Shud see the city someday

  9. Hey Chatter. U surprised m wth the last topic of ths Mumbai series.
    I kept guessing, nvr thought it would be such wonderful topic. Grt finale post.
    Yep it will be again frm m childhood memory.
    I visited Lonavala-Khandala many-many times, v hd a family frnd stay there n so visited once in every yr spec in rainy seasons. The greenery n waterfall u c r just wow!!!!!!!. N also ur school picnic would always be at Lonavala/Khandala. It was fun yaar.
    As fr other hill stations m dieing to visit these places, mention spec Matheran n Mahableshwar. Dnt no why whnever planned 2 visit these plcs. Sm hw the trip got cancelled.
    Nvr been 2 beeches also, well thnks fr club thm fr m , I will keep a note thn plan a trip to ths places. Actually, v all frnds were planning a trip fr Daman ths weekend end, n ended in cancellation of the trip hehehe.
    Religious places , dnt ask hw many tms I hv been thr. Gosh m bored of visiting ths places.

    Bt I like 2 share sm info fr ths places.
    Shirdi: Is famous fr SAI BABA TEMPLE, u cn find all types of amenities needed, Hotels, trust rooms etc ., one cn found all types of cuisine. U cn b there via road, bt thrs a passenger train frm Mumbai VT to Shridi at midnight (only on sm fixed days). I visited ths many tims almost once every yr.
    From Shirdi one should also visit SHANI SHIGNAPUR, its about 2-3 hrs via road only (approx 50 Km – I dnt no exact distance). It famous fr SHANIDEV temple, n there no house hv doors, n no one lock thr houses. it’s a saying tht no one cn cheat or steal in this holy area. I hv visited ths place once. From Shirdi u cn easily hire a taxi or a city bus for Shani Shignapur.

    Nasik: I like ths city. A very well planned city, broad road nice ha n pleasant weather.
    As chatter said, it’s a holy city, v witness a Kumbh mela in every 12 yrs here. Thr s place called Panchvati, where thy say Lord Rama along with Sita n Laxmana stayed there, whn they were in exile fr 14 yrs.
    Shirdi is 2-3 hrs frm Nasik , n also fr visiting Trimbakeshwar one cn go via Nashik.

    Trimbakeshwar : No need to say, I hv been to this place also. It really very holy places, n cn find peace here. Trimbakeshwar has one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. People visit here to conduct special poojas / rituals like KALSARPA / TRIPINDI and NARAYAN NAGBALI n sm more.

    Nvr been 2 other places so no further comments.

    Hey Chatter once again a length comment, bt as u said if I share info thn it wuld be a help fr other readers. (Thts if they get tm 2 read my lengthy post) so I m posting ths.
    Sooooooorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy if u or any one here gets bored.

  10. wow...great post..very interesting to know more details abt this lovely places..
    thanks for sharing..;)

    Tasty Appetite

  11. Nice post. The whole series gave a good insight into Mumbai and surrounding places. Thanks. :)

  12. thank you mukta for your detailed explanations and I hope it would be useful to many.

    @jay thank you very much for your comments

    @bhaskar.. its always pleasure to read your comment. my main aim was to give rough guide to mumbai and its surroundings.

  13. Hi from my end,

    Nice post I must say and quite informative too. Hope to look more stuffs from you.

    1. Thank you abhijit.. surely would come up with more.

  14. Hey Meena, lovely blog design. Your brilliant pictures do most of the talking and it is one of the best ways to share travel experiences. Thanks a lot for your interesting posts. Looking forward to read more of your enriching reads.
    cheers :) !!

  15. Its fantastic read to read something on Mumbai and there places. Hill station are the main attraction of tourist. Last year we went for picnic in matheran. Travelling from matheran toy train is an memorable experience.

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  17. Great info. Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala are some of the most important places to explore near Mumbai. However, when it comes to places to visit in Mumbai, travellers and tourist are in for a great surprise

  18. church gate, juhu beach and marine drive are famous places. This is also one of my favorite places. These places has unique specialty itself. Thank you for sharing.

    Places to see in Mumbai | Places to visit in Mumbai


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