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On the go...Street food in Mumbai.....

Hello everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the first part WELCOME TO MUMBAI.

Continuing my story about Mumbai  I would tell you about street food which is very famous here.

While eating in Mumbai one can have all delicacies in top end hotels or restaurants but if you want to taste the real tasty stuff  come to the streets. There are some very good places where the food is hygenic.
Khaoo galli - literally means  food street and it has food stalls lined up on both sides of the lane serving variety of food items. Its near Churchgate station and it has mainly vegetarian food.

Juhu beach or Chowpatty beach -  There are many stalls right on the beach serving numerous snack items.

Mohammed Ali road - down at South Mumbai area it serves mainly non vegetarian delicacies. 

Elco restaurant  at Bandra west  has best street food available and my personal favorite is Dahi papdi chaat.
Kailash Parbat Hindu hotel at Colaba and Andheri and in many malls across the city have very good snack items.

So what exactly is street food here.  They are mainly  vada pav, pav bhaji, bhelpuri, pani puri,  ragda pattis, sandwiches, variety of dosas and idlis. Street food in India is very cheap but tasty however do consider about the hygiene part before you have these delicacies.


Pav Bhaji

ragda patties 

pics courtesy: google and original uploader.

For Pav Bhaji recipe.. check my blog entry here

Enjoy the delicious items when you visit Mumbai.


  1. Great stuff about foods in Mumbai.. :) Even in Bangalore, you can see lots of people having food all the time.. :D

  2. Wow Chatter, all the tempting Mumbai street foods, people love having them. Thanks for the info your pixs look great.

  3. I once had cold panipuri near Elco was yummy !

  4. CB yummy post haha. Reading ur post m hungry fr these food.
    Vada Pav the most fav dish of m,n all the dishes u mentioned.
    Hehehe m crazy fr all the street food/ junk food. We do prepare these dishes at home, bt hving thm outside in the street is fun.
    *CB u made ths Ragda paties, its mouth watering hehe , I do make ths dish, tell m hw u prepare this dish.

  5. Kya baat hain...mere muh mein to pani aagaya..:) Hmm...I also enjoyed some of the above delicacies while I was in Mumbai during last Christmas with my friend. We traveled to Gateway of India and had some great fun and food...yummy ekdum..!!

    Street food is just too good...I especially enjoyed grilled sandwiches and veg biryani...kya gazab ka taste tha :)

  6. @vinod, Mumbai is famous for these types of food.

    @gauri, yes you would see people here on streets having this food only.

    @vimi, you know i had gone to elco twice to meet madhu so had dahi papdi chaat there.

    @mukta, haha no dear i did not make this ragda patties.

    @aswani, hahah bhookh lagi kya.. grilled sandwiches are best here. But desi burger rules the roost

    @ all thanks for your comments

  7. i love these


  8. after reading your post i'm going out for lunch..! it made me hungry..! !!

  9. hahaha vada pav ya ragda pattis ke liye amit.... wait for new post soon...

  10. hmm somehow your comment went in spam folder aarthi.. thanks for your comment

  11. Hi CB and Haaye CB!!! I am trying to be on a diet and you are making it very tough!!! Ha ha ha

    Great post and sorry for the disappearance....!


  12. Pav Bhaji is My Favorite ... never Had the chance to try others...
    Looks Yummy....

  13. hey vista finally you showed up. haha imagine me finding it tough to control hehe

    hi vimal.. pav bhaji is all time favourite but u shud try other things too

  14. Street food is the best when it comes to India. No place in the world can give such tasty street food. And as my Bhaiya used to say, the more the dirty roadside, the better tasty food you get. ;)

    BTW nice template. Very soothing one. Though I loved the earlier one too, it was very artistic.

  15. thank you bhaskar. ha ha well ya ppl do say how the road side food is tasty.. thanks for liking my template. still want to fix few things..

  16. Lovely template meena,keep it up. start blogging along with me and you will hang up on blogs, provided.

  17. thank you hema.. hehe right now i m happy with this so lets see

  18. oh My My!! Di... I have been each place where you have mentioned!! Chaats are just yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyy!!

    thnk u di..

  19. wow prashu u finally made it. thanks yaar i had to write about our famous street food na

  20. Hey Di
    really nice post hun..
    thnx to specify places for different foods
    but di one request
    pleas post Ragdapati recipe as i never teasted it hehe
    wanna try it hehe


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