Sunday, June 17, 2012

Masoor dal tikki/cutlets

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having great time. My today’s recipe is result of another  brainstorming innovations.  As the title suggests it has to do with masoor dal, so what did I do with it? I had some boiled but not mashed masoor dal left over as it was too much to cook and make dal. I kept thinking I should try something new with it rather than plain dal fry.  As I racked my brains I recalled I had seen something like this on tv and now its time for me to try. I was not sure what the end result would be so first I took very little dal and tried to make this and result and taste was very good. I got bold and finally made it with bit of variations.
So lets begin our masoor dal kabab/tikki/cutlet.

1 cup boiled masoor dal ( for me it was left over)
¼ cup sooji /rawa
1/4cup  rice flour         
1 onion chopped fine
Salt to taste
1/4tsp amchur powder/dry mango powder
1/4tsp dhaniya powder/coriander powder
¼ tsp cumin seeds
2green chillies cut in small pieces
1/4tsp red chilli powder
A pinch of garam masala powder
Coriander leaves cut
Cheese cut in cubes

Combine all the ingredients above except cheese  and as the dal is moist the flour would absorb all the moisture.  Since I had left over dal so I had kept in fridge and kept other ingredients ready before only that way less moisture was there. Grease your palm and make a tikki with your hands with dal mixture.  Put in each mixture one small cube of cheese and close it properly.  Deep fry in oil till its cooked on both sides. Take them off the heat and put on paper to soak excess oil.

Serve hot with tomato sauce or any chutney and perfect snack for rainy season.

You can cut out spices according to your needs if u feel its too hot.   I had made this first time and  I was given nice thumbs up for it.  Alternatively you can bake this in oven or shallow fry  them. 
So what do you think of this.

Disclaimer:  The measurements in all the recipes given here are for representation  purpose only and all are advised to use it according to their need.

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  1. recipe sounds interesting... looks delicious

  2. Yummy!

  3. Great and delicious innovative:)loved these crisp and spicy masoor tikkis..

  4. Hi Meena, Lovely masoor dal tikkis they would make a hot yummy snack on a rainy day !

  5. Yummy friend used to make with moong dal..
    And thanks for the suggestion Meena..I'll check it out and try to edit the comment page.

  6. sounds interesting and delicious:)... very good snack for kids:)happy to follow u dear:)
    pls visit and join my space in ur free time:)

  7. thanks a lot for ur comments, one experiment which turned out good, normally we soak and grind the dal and make but i thought since i have boiled dal let me try this and i had seen something similar on tv so mix and match and cheese was for extra flavour. if you do try do let me know how it came out, thankss

  8. Wow tikkis with masoor dal sounds quite awesome, simply inviting.

  9. Very innovative n yummy

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  10. Very innovative dear and looks yummy too :)
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  11. Looks awesome buddy... :)

  12. Superb, love that cheesy bite in the center..

  13. That is interesting and very innovative.. came to your space thru my guest post in lavanyas blog- nut bolt lime rice..

  14. This is quite nice n dish to make. But I had few question. I am going to ask while we chat.

  15. How delicious!! Thank you so much for posting this to my dinner party Meena :)) Love it.

  16. Excellent idea Meena... Just stumbled across this recipe, perfect use of left over

    glad to follow you, looking forward to such recipes from you :)


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