Monday, September 24, 2012

Invitation to be my Guest Chef

Hi Friends!! I am really very glad and excited to invite you all for a guest posting series at my space. This is my first event and I want all your support to make this event a success. So far I have seen wonderful recipes at different spaces by so many different bloggers. Each recipe so unique and different yet special. So I just wanted to gather all such wonderful recipes and post them in my space as guest posts. I have named the event as “Be my guest chef”.  


Win a certificate of appreciation!!
The recipe with the most number of comments will receive a special additional certificate!!
Those who send me your guest posts must follow me via Google Friend Connect. 

Now about the series..
Send me your recipes which is new and not part of your site  in the following format. I will be posting the guest recipes every Mondays and Fridays.

A word document with the following details and order;
An intro about the recipe
Ingredients required
Preparation method
Tips/Notes if any
Send the pictures of recipe separately as attachments

An introduction about the blogger will also be posted along with the guest post. So send me a few lines about yourself along with the recipe.

Only Vegetarian recipes allowed. (i.e. No meat or eggs)

You can send any Vegan recipes that come under the following categories;

  1. Variety Rice
  2. Curries/Gravies
  3. Desserts/Kheer
  4. Drinks/Beverages
  5. Starters/Snacks
  6. Cakes/Cookies
  7. Home-made Masala powders/Instant mixes 

Once I have published your recipe I will inform you the date when I would post it.
Create a post with the logo and link to my space about the guest post and publish it on your space. 

 Do not post your guest recipe that you have sent me on your space.  Just the link and the logo will do. This is mandatory.
Each participant will receive an appreciation certificate. Yes each and everyone participating will receive it!!
Grab this logo and post it along with a link on the side-bars of your space if you wish!! It will help spread the word. 

Event starts from 1st October 2012 to  15th November 2012. You can send entries within this time. Looking forward to all those yummy yummy dishes.

Those who are interested please contact me @  or use the contact form

Wish to see your wonderful recipes!! Happy Blogging!!

EDIT: The event is open for non bloggers as well and they can mail me and those who can not use GFC  for some reason can use the subscribe button on left side bar. Thank you.


  1. happy hosting and will link up recipe....

    ongoing event
    Let's Party - Prasadam Special

  2. Hi Meenu.. Will definitely send you a guest post soon :) Looks like a great event here!! Wish to join and have fun!!
    Today's Recipe ~ Coffee Milkshake
    You Too Can Cook - Indian Food Recipes

  3. Thank you Ez and Divya.. Please do participate would love to see your dishes..

  4. Hi Meena, this is a lovely event and sure you would receive many guest recipes!

  5. First time in your blog. You have a nice blog . The event is looking very interesting... I will be sure.Look I am your 100th Follower . A big Congratulation to you .Thanks.

  6. hahaa pinky u gave me the winning run here, hehe yes u r my 100th follower. thanks and yes do participate in the event.

    @gauri u too can send me your dishes

  7. Hi Meena, nice event, would love to participate.

  8. Thank you pari, would wait for your yummy dish

  9. It will be fun seeing your space for guest posts..all the best dear....

  10. arre deepa not just see do participate too yaar. would love to see ur post too here and thanks

  11. First time here....You own a lovely space..Happy to follow u:) Nice event...would love to participate and happy hosting!!!

  12. Welcome priya. looking forward to your post too.. and thanks

  13. M happy with ur first ever event here. N Thank God u had given more than a month to send entries. It's a bless for me haha u know i keep vanishing. That means I am going to send my recipe. Is it compulsory to have our intro????
    Gud Luck to u for this event...

  14. haha mukta late lateef. intro nahi dogi toh kaise chalega. logon ko pata kaise chalega tum kaun ho. oye jaldi kar ab bhej de mast wali dish

  15. Wow..........very nice event Meena. As I have already sent you recipe, do you want more? Let me know. Happy hosting dear...

  16. Thanks sanoli, yes i got your recipe
    sure if you wish you can send more. i always say the more the merrier :)

  17. Nice event,you can link it to October event list & it will be posted in around 27th September...

  18. wow !!! i'll join :)

  19. Thanks for stopping by Meena.. Am your new follower.. Nice event. Happy hosting!!

  20. Interesting..will try to send a recipe.

  21. Happy Hosting dear!Nice Event.

  22. Hi Meena, i would like to be your guest. I will send my recipe to you within few days. Hope you will like it.

  23. Hi Meena,

    My first time here. I would love to be a part of this event u r hosting. I will write in to u once I have planned out a guest post I want to contribute. All the best :)


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