Friday, October 26, 2012

Beetroot halwa--- a guest post

Hello all! Today I have my  lucky 7th guest with me here  Jay from Tasty Appetite. She has amazing site with step by step pictures and wonderful yummy recipes. For me, I feel I am having a virtual party when I go to her space.Do check her place to see more and in the mean time she shares with us Beetroot halwa. Lets hear what Jay has to say about this.

Beetroot Halwa:

Hello all of you and Thank you Meena for giving me this honour of guest blogging in your awesome space. I am a Food Blogger based in Chennai. I love cooking healthy & tongue-tickling dishes. I would really like to share all my experiments and creations in this blogging world.

Today’s post is delicious Indian dessert Beetroot Ka Halwa”. This is wonderful to prepare and they get done so quickly. It makes an irresistable sweet dish for any party & will be liked by all people around the world.

Try this tasty Indian dessert, sure you’ll love it..:)


·         Beetroot                             - 2
·         Milk                                   - ¼ or ½ milk
·         Ghee                                  - 2 tbsp
·         Cashewnuts                        - for garnishing
·         Sugar                                 - ¾ cup or 1 cup
·         Cardamom pwd                   - a pinch


1.   Wash and clean beetroot.
2.   Peel off the skin and grate them to fine shreds.

3.   Add ¼ cup milk and pressure cook until tender.

4.   Keep them aside.

5.   Melt ghee in a non-stick pan.
6.   Keep the flame in medium and roast cashews to golden.

7.   Keep it aside.
8.   Add cooked beets and sauté well in ghee.

9.   When it is done and starts thickening, add sugar and cardamom pwd.

10.Cook on high heat, sugar melts and combine along with beetroot.

11.Stir once in a while and simmer for 5 to 7 mins.

12.Once the beetroot starts leaving the sides, add ghee and stir for few more mins.

13.Finally garnish with roasted nuts.

14.Serve hot or chilled.

15.Yummy & healthy beetroot halwa ready in no time..:)

Once again thanks Meena for this opportunity..!

Hope you will all enjoy..:)


Thank you Jay for yummy and healthy halwa. Hope you all like this and awaiting your wonderful feed back.


  1. Wow super duper halwa here :) Love Jay's recipes and good clicks too :) Cheers Meenu and Jay for such an awesome post :)
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    You Too Can Cook Indian Food

  2. wow... My favorite.. I use to do in the same method. Yummy yummy!!!!!

  3. Beetroot halwa looks yumm. Jaya and Meena. Yumm.

  4. Thanks friends for your lovely feedback and TQ Meena for this nice opportunity..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Yummy...I have tried only beet root poriyal...this is new...

  6. awesome and new recipe for me.....I'll try....

  7. Halwa looks delicious...lovely colour!

  8. loved this healthy and delicious halwa.loved the beautiful colour,I also make almost similar way..thanks Meena and Jay for this wonderful recipe!

  9. super lovely halwa

  10. Halwa looks delicious. Thanks to jay for wonderful recipe

  11. Wonderful guest post by Jay, halwa looks super irresistible.

  12. awesome halwa appealing color and presentation too good...

  13. Very tempting halwa, yummy and lipsmacking good. Like all of the Jay's recipes. Thanks for sharing with us Meena.

  14. Thanks Meena and Jay for the Beetroot Halwa its yummy and nutritious too.


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