Wednesday, May 08, 2013

giveaway gift from siris food

Hello everyone! Today no recipe from me and instead would share with you a lovely gift I got from Sireesha Puppala for her blog anniversary and  its the very thing I was keen on. She also attached a lovely note with it.

Its the electric whisk with two blades and good for whipping cream or anything.

She had a lovely event on her blog and I could not believe it that I won such a wonderful prize from her.

Thanks siri for this lovely gift and I hope now I can whip up that cream which eludes me all this time


  1. Wow !
    Congrats Meena .. such a lovely gift .. very useful.

  2. expecting more cake recipes from u now.what a lovely gift!

  3. Congrats Meena.. Lovely gift :-)

  4. Congrats Meenu, wonderful gift dear, very useful to prepare cake, cookies or bread batter. Waiting to see more baked dessert items on your space dear.

  5. Wow congratz meenu anuty :)

  6. Wow ! Congrats Meena,Nice gift. My wishes to Sireesha.

  7. Congrats Meenu :) Wishing u more and more wins :)


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