Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fun tips for secret messages on paper........

Hello everyone!

Strange title, right! Today  let me tell you what we used to do when we were kids but before I begin, a word of caution... this post and its contents are just meant to be fun type and not to be taken seriously.

As kids we used to send messages in codes across the school desks without teacher knowing or at times just would send a cryptic message across which no one else would know except the receiver. Here I would show you some tricks I know.

Did you know  that orange juice or lemon juice acts as invisible ink? Take a piece of paper and write something in normal ink while leaving space after each sentence. Then dip your pen in orange or lemon juice and write in that blank space secret message which only your friend would know how to figure out. If anyone does see the paper they would see the other message and smell of orange or lemon.  Once the paper is with friend he or she can just give a little heat not direct though. Hold the paper a bit away from flame so only heat reaches the paper and slowly the invisible orange or lemon writing would appear. That's the way to decipher coded message. Recently something like this was used in one of the TV programmes I saw and it works.

Second coded trick is to swap the alphabets, means A=Z , B=Y and so on. Pre decide which would be the decoder or you can substitute alphabets for numbers. eg  A=1 or change it to A=26, Z=1 and so on.. and send the message across as series of numbers. By far this is easiest and can be decoded.

I am sure everyone knows about Morse code which is I believe still being used. Not easy one but still a good one.

Finally a cryptic one I had used when I was in school. How many of you have played Tic Tac Toe. Trick here is make 3x3 grid like tic tac toe and make three  of them. Assign one alphabet to each box in grid. Say first grid would have alphabets  like this., 
                                                         A  B  C
                                                         D  E  F
                                                         G  H  I    
same way in next  grid would go remaining alphabets.

                                                        J   K  L
                                                        M N O
                                                        P  Q  R

and final grid would have :      S  T  U
                                                       V W X
                                                       Y  Z

Notice the positions they are in. Alphabets in second and third grid are in same position as the first one. So here is how you make the code.  top left has shape of right angle facing left and middle top is facing upward and top right has right angle facing right.  middle row  is left facing left middle is closed square and right facing right. The last row is same like the first one but angle is bit different. Hope  you got the idea.

First set of 9 alphabets is simple, you just put the angle they are in. eg the word BEAD.  notice where they are set. so use those angles. middle upper,middle square, top left, middle left. just use the shapes they are in.

But the next grid has same angles so what you do is use those angles but put one dot in the inner side for second grid and for third grid put two dots.  Below is the pictorial guide which I hope would be easy to understand and I have given example of how the word BEAD would look in this code and how the word  KINGS  would look in this cryptic code.Notice for S in KINGS    I have put two dots as that belongs in third grid.

So this is the fun way to send messages across and again I repeat this is just for fun purpose and being  a kid again but not to be serious. Just enjoy!


  1. Hehehehe Chatter,good post surely wll try the orange/lemon juice one with my kid at home he is sure to enjoy it.

  2. Nice post. Class mein padayi kam yeh sab hota thha. ;) If only your son had known this when he was in school. All your jhaars would have gone out of window for sure. =))

  3. Lovely...take one back in time.

  4. Nice one..:) But you had already told this secret to me before ;) Good share..:) 3rd count of the month..good work..

  5. Heyyy Nice ones..

    Mum wont know what I write on paper.. I tried it now.. This is awesome...

    I will tell tht too My sis too :P

    Nice idea di...

  6. @gauri sure try it as its really funny.

    @bhaskar hehe class mein masti hi hoti hai hehhe

    @ Mithu glad u liked it

    @vinod ya I know but you didnt know a third one hehe

    @suresh its fun post

    @prashu now dont be naughty but have fun and which trick did u try do let me know

    @everyone thanks for liking this post.

    Keep visiting :)

  7. Hey CB
    Good one

  8. I know this. I've come across in some very old activity book, an aunt in our neighborhood gave me. But I had learnt the last 8 letters with a little variation.
    It's nice.

  9. @sangeeta this is a cute trick yaar, @swamin long time thanks for visit and glad u liked it
    @nanda ni ya i had read this in one old book also when i was a kid.
    thanks for visit and comments . keep checking for more

  10. Hi CB,
    Commenting on ths is the tough fr me, my head started 2 spin after reading hehehehe
    Ur post on food, travel, compu tips, websites n others I enjoyed, ths 1 phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    orange n lemon r ok bt coding n encoding codes ouch.
    M was very innocent child yaaaaaarrrrrrrrr. Nvr used ths fun tips heheehehee.
    1thg is sure; ur must b very naughty as a kid. Hehehehehe (dnt be serious. Just enjoy!)


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