Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dudhi halwa

Hello my lovely friends! My today’s recipe is quite easy but this was the first time I attempted it. I am sure most of you already had made this and know about it. My mom used to make this but somehow I felt the taste weird always so never did like it. This time my mom and dad were with me for few days so I said I would make dudhi halwa for you and you tell me how its made. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was very easy to make and doesn’t take time at all and it tasted awesome.

Lets begin making our delicious healthy  dudhi halwa and co incidentally this is my 50th post which in my early days I felt I  may not reach hehe. So kuch meetha ho jaaye………..!!!!


1 bottlegourd/dudhi/giya 

 3tbsp milk 

¼ cup sugar or to taste

1tbsp ghee

Pinch of  cardamom powder 

To garnish khus khus. Cut almonds, few strands of kesar (saffron)


Grate the dudhi and squeeze out all the water. In a pan heat ghee and add dudhi. Stir for just few mins and don’t let dudhi get brown. Add milk here and as dudhi leaves lot of water so milk shud be less. Alternatively you can use condensed milk. Stir it again till dudhi and milk are mixed. Add sugar to taste and stir again. Sugar would leave out more water so let it cook for few mins till it leaves sides.  Add kesar, and almonds here and  garnish with my favourite khus khus. The color of halwa would remain bit greenish.

Serve it hot.

Let me know what is your views on this.


  1. Hi Meena, congratulations on your 50th post. Dudhi halwa is really simple and fast too make too would definately try it out.

  2. Halwa looks absolutely delicious..COngrats on ur 50th post..

  3. Congrats dear on ur 50 th post !!! Keep rocking !!!! Very tempting and wonderful sweet !!!!

  4. Hy Meean , Congrats-shongrats for ur 50th post. I wish u keep posting such yummy recipes and other also some other interesting post.
    As its ur half century post, m decided not to raise any query hehehehe.
    Dudhi Halwa yep v do prepare ths dish with little variations Dudhi halwa is really yummy and healthy too.
    The main thing of this halwa is everyone likes it even my bro, who doesn’t like dudhi when prepared in daily vegetable.
    For ur other recipe post. I will comment later, as I have yet to try them. I bet all the recipes are easy to make but u knw I hv my queries naaaaaaaa hhehehee

  5. congrats on ur 50th post Meena!!

    ur recipe took me to my childhood days! my mom used to prepare this dish once in a month. thanks for sharing this. :)

  6. thanks for sharing this Meena!!

    it took me to my childhood days. my mom used to do this dish once in a month and we used to fight for more :)

  7. Congrats dear on your 50th post..A perfect recipe to celebrate..loved it..

  8. thank you everyone for your wishes. well hope to write more and more soon though i m still slow in this hehe.. hope you all liked dudhi ka halwa

  9. Congrats on your 50th post, delicious halwa, first time here and following U..

  10. I don't like dudhi least, which we ( my Mom & bhabhi ) used to make at home. ready made halwa is not bad....I think, they put more khoya than dudhi in that & I prefer that.


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