Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mango raita

Hello friends! Summer is here and time for something cool cool, thanda thanda. So today I bring you mango raita and its season of mangoes too, right.  Mango raita is quick and easy to make and it tastes wonderful and sweet. Let me not keep you waiting, lets start this. I had just one mango by the way so made this for two people. Kindly adjust according to your need.


1 mango
1cup curd/dahi plain
Sugar to taste
Pinch of cardamom powder (optional)


Blend dahi/curd using hand blender till its smooth and add water  if its too thick. Add sugar as per your taste.  Peel mango and scoop out the pulp and make small  pieces. Add them to blended curd/dahi.  That’s it and its done. Sprinkle cardamom powder on top  and serve it chilled with pulao or biryani or even plain rice.
For me when I make pulao and since its spicy this cool sweet mango raita just adjusts the taste and makes my meal sweet and spicy.

Do try this and let me know what  you all think.
Sending this to Radhika's  Let's cook with fruits

sending this to Anjali Shukla's Cooking made easy with mango


  1. Thanks Meena for the cool recipe of Mango Raita. Its simple and would be great with spicy briyani.

  2. looks really good

  3. Looks nice.. can't this be done with mango juices?? I thought you were going to do with Mango juices.. ;)

    Now, it is mango season.. so you tried it na?? ;)

  4. ha with mango juice it wud look weird or mayb it wud look more like mango juice, i have put mango pieces in this one. well season is here but mangoes are still very expensive here

    @gauri and lavanaya thanks for your comments

  5. very cool and refreshing..its like a instant and quick version of mango shrikhand..lovely

  6. Hi meena..yes you are right..been very busy these days. And your blog layout is wonderful. also this mango raita recipe looks great..will definitely try one day.

  7. Perfect way to enjoy the fruit. I try to enjoy this fruit in every possible way

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. yummm...this looks lipsmacking.. delicious..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  9. Super tempting raita, never tried mango this way.

  10. Sounds cool :) Will try :)

  11. @anjana ya looks like mango shrikhand but i have kept just pieces of mango in sweet dahi.

    @megha thanks for coming. ya i also like new layout had help fm my friend vinod above here

    @deepa, jay,priya, maha and sangeeta thanks a lot . yes do try it hehe its too simple and easy dish

  12. wow meena this is a new one to me, should definitely try it out before mango season ends.

  13. sounds yummy !
    thanks for this recipe, Meena :)

  14. very tempting raita...
    do visit my space Noel collections

  15. First time here, Happy to follow you.Ratiha looks yum.
    Check out my space in ur spare time

  16. This Mango Raita urf Shrikhand, as we call it, is definitely the best yogurt recipe ever.
    I'd be glad to see this in my ongoing event:
    Ongoing Event: Cooking Made Easy With Mango

  17. Hi Tried it (just few days back)n liked it.


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