Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Garlic Kulcha...

Hello friends! How are you all? My today's recipe is inspired and partly taken from my friend Shruti @ shrutisrasoi.  She had made yummy amazing amritsari kulcha and  I so wanted to try it out. I had little time and so I just changed the kulcha to have garlic flavour. It was so so yummy that my family just finished and had more than they normally have any roti. I was left with just one kulcha to taste. Ha  ha. For amritsari kulcha you can click on shruti rasoi link to see her recipe.  Shruts this is for you.


3 cups Maida (plain flour)
3 tbsp curd
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1tsp sugar
salt to taste
oil for kneading.
some garlic cloves finely chopped.

For garnish:
sesame seeds ( til)


In a bowl, sieve Maida and add  curd, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar and garlic cloves.  Mix all of them and using water make a smooth dough. Apply some oil to the dough and mix well. Cover the dough with wet cloth and keep it for  4-5 hours at warm place and the dough would double in size.  Knead the dough again with greased hands.
Make some lemon sized balls of the dough and keep aside.  Take one ball and roll it out in desired shape slowly. I tried to make oblong but it became circle and  top it with sesame seeds.  Roast on tawa or griddle as I did. Roast both sides and take it off. I garnished a little with butter.  Serve hot with any gravy dish.

Hope you like this and thanks to Shruti  I made a yummy kulcha. Next time amritsari kulcha would find its way in my kitchen.. Over to you for your lovely comments.

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  1. Thanks Meena, garlic gives a wonderful flavour to kulchas no wonder you were left with only one to taste !

  2. Thank you so much Meena :-)
    Really feeling so happy that you tried it and it came out perfectly :-)
    Love you !!!

    1. thanks for the recipe shruts. next time sure amritasri kulcha wud be in my kitchen.

  3. Nice :)

  4. Wow awesome work Meenu, I saw this on Shruts space and thought of trying and here you go... Shruts u rock girl :)
    Today's Special - Aatu Kaal Kulambu / Mutton Legs Curry
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  5. Never made kulchas before...Good time to try some soon:)


  6. This is my fav bread to order whenever we eat out. love it totally, gonna try it at home now. :)

  7. thank you all for liking this yummy kulcha. once u have u wont stop.

  8. Super flavourful kulcha,just my fav.

  9. Soft Kulchas.. Love the garlic flavor.. yum..

  10. Aunty ... My hubby's favorite one. I'm going to try :)

  11. flavorful kulchaa,yummy:)
    Happy to join your space too:)
    Do drop by mine & join if you wish:)
    Join my ongoing EP events-Asafoetida OR Fennel seeds @ Divya's Culinary Journey

  12. Delciious kulcha recipe Meena. I haven't made yet

  13. kulchas / naan is something i havn't tried yet! soon i guess... and urs look quite soft !

  14. wow yummy Kulchas...luks perfect.

  15. I love Kulchas, and garlic + cheese is my fav.Thanks for this recipe!

  16. kulchas look really delicious. My husband loves garlic flavor. I think he will like this. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe

  17. Yummmmm!! I love making kulchas, and they always come out so soft and fresh. In fact I made paneer kulchas the other day (I still need to make a post about it). This looks delicious!!!

    Thanks so so much for linking it up to my party.


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