Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello everyone! Happy Holi to all of you. My today's dish is one of my favourites and I always wanted to try making this. I am no expert so it has not come out perfect but still good enough. I am sure everyone loves jalebis and this is the first time I have made this. I always have problem in adjusting sugar syrup consistency but for this one I got it right. Here goes jalebi.

Ingredients for jalebi:
1/2kg or 2 cups Maida 
100gms Gram flour
1 small cup of curds
1 cup water
1 pinch of food color ( optional)
1tbsp corn flour or arrowroot powder
oil for frying

For sugar syrup:
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cup water
few drops of rose essence
few strands of  saffron
1tsp  cardamom powder (optional)

I have read about instant jalebis using yeast but with these one day prior we have to make preparation.
In a bowl, beat curds. Sieve the gram flour and maida together.
Mix curds to the flour stirring constantly to avoid lumps. Add water to make thick batter of pakoda consistency. Add corn flour and food color and mix well.
Cover the bowl of this jalebi batter and keep aside to ferment for  24hrs. Since I have made this first time I waited for  12 hours to try them.

For sugar syrup, mix water and sugar and  cook till you get  1 1/2 string consistency.  The same consistency when you dip gulab jamun would also work. Add rose water and  saffron threads. Switch off the flame.

To make jalebis:
Heat oil for frying, take the batter and  adjust the consistency. If its too thick add little water and if its too thin add a bit of corn flour. It should be of pouring consistency. Now comes the tricky part. I had a bottle of tomato ketchup which I used here but most people use a cloth with tiny hole in bottom or  a plastic bag with 1 mm hole. Place the batter in whatever you choose and since I used bottle  I put the batter in it.  Pour it in hot oil in spiral shapes. Fry the jalebis  on both sides taking care not to burn the jalebis. They should be firm and crispy. Remove and drain off the excess oil.
Add jalebis slowly  in  sugar syrup for two mins, remove and put on serving plate.

Enjoy jalebis  on this holi day and also  for my blog reaching 150 followers now. Happy holi everyone.

Note: I could not get the shape right  but taste wise no compromise.



  1. wooooow.... I just love this..Drooling:) Shape doesn't matter...Lucky your kids to taste this:)

  2. wow... looks so crunchy... yum...

  3. Yummmm......mouthwatering jalebis......shape ka kya kaam hai taste acha hona chaiye:) right?

  4. WOW ...Looks yummy and crispy !!!
    Apart from shape everything looks perfect :)
    Great job !!!

  5. Delicious and my fav one..

  6. Crispy & yummy one.. Looks great dear..

  7. yummy and inviting too

    Ongoing event:
    Celebrate - Easter
    in my blog.

  8. Haven't tried making this, I think even I'll not get the shape the first time, but still very delicious dear..

  9. Good try Meena, it has come out good, crispy

  10. wow.. Yummy and crispy..
    Happy to follow you..

  11. Meena, wow I have only been dreaming of making them. They look crunchy and juicy!

  12. Happy Holi, Meenaji..
    My Hubby loves jalebi.. Will have to try sometime.. :)

  13. Drooling here - love jalebi - the color is also looking very good

  14. Looks soo crispy and tasty...

  15. Thank you everyone. i hope next time i get to perfect it..

  16. Lovely Meena, One of my favourite sweets looks tasty !

  17. Meena ji this is my favorite sweet :) looks so colorful and inviting. You are making me crave for some jalebi now

  18. crisp and delicious favourite!

  19. never hva tried jalebi's at home....first time here..nice blog. do pop into my space as well..:)

  20. Wow, they look so tempting,I love Jalebi and yours look so perfect!

  21. Very interesting n yummy jalebis.. love it :)

  22. Can I have some now? Jalebi looks very crisp and delicious.

  23. Never made jalebi at home. Been contented with the store bought ones. Its time to make your delicious recipe for a healthier version. Gosh! I always had a weakness for jalebi.

  24. nice jelabis can I have some plzzzzzzzzzz

  25. Thats my fav sweet Meenu the shape does not even matter.. Am really so proud of you that u tried it at home, and really awed that you used a bottle to do this... Wow.. and it looks so good too :) Yummm :)

  26. beautiful jalebi's.. very tempting :-)

  27. Great recipe for making traditional jalebis. I too had to make it several times before I could manage the shape.

  28. looks very tempting !
    You have a wonderful space with lovely recipes,gladly following you :)
    I'm a new blogger do stop by my space :)



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