Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home tester club--- a review

I like  to shop and it’s always exciting for me to spot new  products in the market.

I try to buy whatever products I like in the market, but for obvious reasons that doesn’t seem possible for me, as buying all of these would be really heavy on my purse.

I am quite comfortable with spending money on buying a new product which is good. But if the new product is not worth buying or I just don’t want to gamble by spending my money on that product and waste it.

So how do I know that the new face wash available on the shelf is actually good for me? Impulse would suggest seeking an opinion from a friend or two but will it give you the overall perspective you need about the product?

The answer was suggested by another blogger and a good friend, who introduced the website called Hometesterclub to me.
. is a website which provides ratings and reviews on the newly launched products in the market by the end consumers like me; and apart from this they are the largest online community of shoppers to test new products for sharing unbiased product feedback. She said that once you are a registered member, you can get a chance to test FREE product samples for rating and reviewing the product.
Is it real? Yes, this is what I told her when she mentioned me about!

Hard to believe but, she showed me the free product samples, she had received last month. 
I straight away went to the website and became a member.  I was waiting for free product samples to arrive at my doorstep. Then I received a mail from after 10 days of becoming a member and they asked me to apply for free product sampling on their website.
I applied for a free product sampling for test and review but I didn’t hear from them.
Finally on the 16th day,  I got a call from verifying my address and guess what , they had sent me the product hampers in just a week’s time. 

When I got this product, I was happy to see the contents.
  • 2 Sure company deodarants
  • 1 Lux body wash
  • 1Boroplus face wash
  • 1 Boroplus sun screen lotion
  • 1 Emami  glycerin bar
I used the product and then again went to the website. I saw many users like me who would have either used the product or would have received the product samples are talking about the product.  I not only gave me ratings and reviews on these products but also on many other products which I had used earlier and if I had liked or I had not liked the product. 
Now I am sure that whenever I want to know about the new products whether it’s worth buying or not , I will just log on to and decide upon buying it or not.
Thanks HomeTesterClub for providing me new product samples to try and give my honest review on these products.
But the best part is yet to be share. HomeTesterClub has an interactive Facebook page which is constantly communicating with shoppers like me. And I noticed that there are Contests going on where again one as a loyal member gets to WIN free products.
To become HomeTesterClub members one can log on for free and get free product samples to test and share their feedback.
You can also like the Facebook page of Hometesterclub 
Join the largest online platform for new grocery product Testing, Review and Rating with me.


  1. WOW Meens ......Lucky you, So many products :)
    Was not aware of the home tester club .....Thanks for sharing :)
    Broccoli-Almond Soup

  2. Hi Meena, this is good dear, home tester club, a good range of products too!

  3. Wow so many products meens u turning out lucky these days

  4. Meenu it is really a very useful review dear. A wide range of their products, I just seen, loved it. Thanks for sharing dear.

  5. Nice review Meena... you got these products without paying money... Its just unbelievable... so nice.

  6. Superb Meenu, never knew that you got the product so soon :) Congrats Meenu... Great that you have got many products for the review :) hope u enjoyed reviewing them!!

  7. Wow.. your going to be super busy.. thanks for sharing. Dint know there was such a club :)

  8. Very useful Meena... Nice site :-)


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