Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mohan thal-- a sweet

Hello everyone! Normally I don't post on Saturdays but this one is special. Mohan thal is roasted gramflour fudge and my granny used to make this quite often. I recall during childhood when granny would make this the aroma of roasted ground flour would tempt us to just have one bite. My granny after making the dough would keep under fan to cool down. We kids would sneak up in the room and just lick off the sweet while it was still warm and soft and she would come shouting to all of us. Those days were simply wow. I was recalling this sweet of my granny so I have attempted it. Granny dear where ever you are hope you are watching this. I could not recreate the same magic but came quite close to it. So here goes the recipe.


1 cup (200gms) Gram flour
4 tbsp  ghee
1/2tbsp ghee for greasing the plate
150gms sugar
150 ml water
1 cup Milk
poppy seeds and  almonds for decoration


In a bowl, put gram flour and  add 1 tbsp ghee and  1 tbsp milk and mix it. Make it bit like crumbs. In a deep  vessel heat 2tbsp ghee and add this gram flour mixture. Roast this gram flour mixture till its chocolate brown in color. Add half cup milk and stir continously. Add more if needed. 

In a separate vessel, mix sugar and water and make  2 string consistency syrup. Wait for few mins till gramflour and sugar syrup has slightly cooled down.  Add sugar syrup to gram flour mixture stirring continously  till sugar syrup has completely blended in mixture and the gram flour mixture is thick and leaves sides. 

Keep a greased plate ready before hand. and pour this mixture on the plate. Spread it out evenly and mixture should look thick. Sprinkle poppy seeds and cut almonds on top and let the mixture set in. Once set, cut in desired shape and enjoy. The fudge should look bit powdery.

Mohan thal is said to be favourite of Lord Krishna and Mohan is another name for Lord Krishna. and thal means  the plate or thali. 

Mohan thal is regular Diwali sweets and can be prepared before hand. 

Dedicating this sweet to my granny who is no more and linking it to my friend Yashodha's event on Thanksgiving.

Also linking to  Divya and Priya's joint event  60 days to Christmas

Hope you all like this attempt of mine. Over to you for lovely comments.


  1. Wow sure it Wud have turned out so delicious

  2. Want to taste this delicious sweet now:)

  3. Wow.. Nice aunty!! Thanks for linking up to my event !! I'm ardent lover of sweet. Feel to taste it!! Will do one day!!


    1. Sara its said that this sweet is favourite of Lord Krishna and as Lord krishna another name is mohan and thal means thali hence it got the name. thats what I have learnt from my elders.

  5. looks tempting n delicious..

  6. wow..Meena you have done it perfectly..I am also going to make this for Diwali...

  7. Super dish !! looks delicious !!

  8. Wow! what a colour! Looks delicious.

  9. Looks like a yummy dessert will give a try Meenu when I become free and get well :) Your granny must be really happy seeing tis :)
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    60 Days to Christmas - Event & Giveaway

  10. This is so similar to Mysore Pak.....I have a feeling that recipes travel, and then take a totaly different identity.....this looks very very good Meena!

  11. Delicious sweet, that is traditional love it.

  12. SUper irresistible,traditional mohan thal.

  13. Thanks Meena for brings us wonderful recipes. Mohan Thal is looking yummy as ever.

  14. This sweet is totally new to me :) but looks delicious and the combination are interesting too. Thanks for linking your entry for our christmas event

  15. you have made perfectly......Meena

  16. This is one of my favourite sweets :) I used to make it frequently, when my father was living. have not made it since he passed away ten years back.
    looks yummy :)

  17. Looks delicious!! Sure to try this.


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