Monday, June 10, 2013

Watermelon popsicles

Hello friends! My today's dish is impromptu dish and you can say a sort of just clicked to make this. Usually, we have watermelon as fruit only in my home but I never did try to get innovative with use of watermelon. Seeing people make halwa and so many things I thought, its time I should try to do something else with it. Thats when this idea hit me. It was a big hit in my home and my neice totally loved it calling it as ice ka gola.

Watermelon has huge water content and is very good to have in summer and though now monsoon is about to start but nothing stops us from enjoying this lovely fruit. So here we go and its very easy with no cooking needed. Just assemble and you are ready.

  • Half a watermelon
  • sugar to taste
  • some icecream sticks

Peel and de seed the watermelon pieces. Blend the piece to make watermelon juice. As the watermelon was already sweet I  did not add any sugar but if needed adjust it. The juice can be served chilled. Take Popsicle mould or kulfi mould. Pour the juice in it and put in freezer to set for one hour. My mould was stick less so I removed them after one hour and added sticks and let it freeze for close to 10 hrs. Remove from mould and serve chilled.

Enjoy the iced watermelon gola as my neice calls this one. Gola is very famous street side popsicle in Mumbai and its crushed ice flavoured with various syrups. I think this one was more healthy here what I made.


  1. Nice and summery! Yumm!

  2. Tasty treat for the summers !

  3. Look yummy !! Loved the colour :)
    Perfect !!

  4. Looks so nice Meena..perfect summer cooler !

  5. Its my favprite... looks so tempting

  6. yum yum yum...... i m dying to have one ...

  7. beautiful looking pops! Love the fruity flavor and it is so simple to make as well :)

  8. looks superb meena.. good presentaiton..

  9. Looks Nice and beautiful colour too..

  10. Lovely colour, beautiful clicks. Mnnnn!

  11. Wow.....Meenu, so lovely presented popsicles dear. Wonderful. Please pass a popsicle to me..:)


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