Saturday, August 23, 2014

Almond halwa-badam halwa

Hello friends! It has been a year now since I last posted on this space and today I am resuming  my food blog with a great sweet badam halwa or almond halwa. Co incidentally my last post was also a sweet and beginning of new post again a sweet by  Sandhya  who happens to be the  host of last of the challenges of SNC event started by  Divya of You too can cook.

They were monthly challenges  since two years where north and south teams exchanged their recipes. A long journey but sadly due to personal reasons and time restraints could not continue my food blog and snc challenges. Since I am part of north team I have to cook this delicious almond halwa and  timing could not be better here.  The version Sandhya has used is slightly different than what I had made previously known as Almond Fudge. The way I made was using almonds dry but here lets follow Sandhya's recipe for badam halwa now. For step by step instructions check Sandhya's space.

1 cup almonds ( soaked over night)
1 1/2 cup sugar
3 tbsp ghee
1/2 tsp saffron
1/4 cup milk
a pinch of  cardamom powder ( optional)

Dry almond method given above my almond fudge has almost same ingredient but way is different. You can check out the previous dry version. I have used the same measurements given here by  Sandhya but with less quantity.
Soak the almonds over night and  peel of the skin next morning. Grind the peeled almonds using milk little by little to make a smooth  paste.
Make one string consistency of sugar syrup by boiling sugar in enough water to get the right consistency. This part has always stumped me and always I need help to get right consistency. In the same pan, mix the almond paste and cook over the medium heat while stirring continuously.  Keep stirring the halwa till it thickens and leaves side. Add ghee and saffron and cardamom powder  and stir it.  Once halwa starts to change color slightly, switch off the gas. Let it cool down and serve at room temperature. Make sure halwa is bit wet and do not let it thicken too much or it would not have the soft texture. The delicious badam halwa is ready.

I would be resuming  my food blog with more delicious recipes and much more, so stay tuned and  support my space as all of you have always done.


  1. yummy badam halwa and welcome back aunty

  2. Welcome back into the blgosphere :) What a great recipe you have come back with, too. As I am vegan, I could use almond or soya milk, maybe...

  3. halwa looks delicious.... and welcome back...first time on your blog and loved your simple and easy recipe collection..

  4. welcome back,too healthy n yummy halwa :)

  5. Toothsome halwa, perfectly made it dear.


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