Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fresh Grocery Delivered to Your Place - Everyday

I always have been a regular customer of the website for online grocery for the last few months. Since the frequency of my purchases has been quite high, I thought of sharing my experiences. Since I am very busy with work, it is very difficult for me to go to grocery shopping every other day and it consumes a lot of time. Primarily, I couldn’t bear the fuel charges required for travelling anymore. Moreover, a lot of time required to step out and buy groceries, vegetables or fruits from the nearby shops made me look for an alternative like I came across BigBasket on my Facebook timeline as a suggestion by my friend’s news post. Then I went ahead and tried to do my grocery shopping with it. After I started my transactions with it, I didn’t get a chance to look back.

After using BigBasket, I have realized that shopping for groceries is highly convenient through this website. I just can't be happier about the time that it saves me. Another feature that I like about BigBasket is the cash on delivery: the payment method that I prefer for products that I like - vegetables and fruits where the product quality may be guaranteed. They also have a friendly return policy where no questions are asked at all! I have returned vegetables and dairy products a number of times when I was not happy about the quality of the products – although, such instances have been very few in number. They also have a delivery guarantee which means that when I fix a time slot, they deliver the order promptly. And they have never failed to do so which is pretty commendable. The fruits and vegetables that they have in their store are usually very fresh. Also the bread and the milk products are also always brought on the same day.

Now let us talk about the website. The website is very simple to use, it has no clutter and absolutely has no irritating advertisements. The catalogues of products are very well organized. The breadcrumb display that has been used in the website has made it much easier to go back and forth from the navigation page to the product description page. The notification system is also really useful. The moment an order is placed they send a SMS as well as an email which further helps to confirm that the order has been placed. Another message as well as email notification is also sent out on the day that the order is to be delivered. That way one can be aware that the order would come on that day and ensure that someone is at home to receive the order. Also if you are an early customer, you get grab a flat ten per cent discount on the total order value. That in itself is a great savings!

Please note that currently they serve only three cities for delivering grocery: Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai.

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