Monday, November 14, 2011

Down the memory lane.............

Hello all!

So yesterday I was getting bored and logged in to write something but my mind went blank. While watching  TV  my eyes caught the antics of small children. I went back in my memory and recalled how I was as a child.

Childhood is most carefree period of our lives. I have some faint memories of that period. I recall I spent part of my childhood in a small village in Gujarat, India where we had small garden in front  with rose and jasmine flowers in full bloom along with  drumstick and papaya trees. Tall  almond trees which we used to climb and  then fall also.  We had cows tied in backyard where  milkman or gwala   would come to milk the cows and we as small kids would sit in line where he would pour milk direct from cow in our mouths. It was so much fun when  my brother used to take me double seat on bicycle around the village area. All my cousins and I use to run around the backyard while moms did housework  My grandmother would then call everyone inside to have food. It was a typical village type house with roof on one room only rest all open area and we would lie down and count stars.

There was one amazing incident I had witnessed. Once one cow was in labour and was having a calf. A crowd had gathered around and one man  helped the cow to  deliver her calf. It was most wonderful experience I had then.

Do you recall the games you played when you were small? I remember KHO KHO
I hardly see these games being played now.  I have not gone back to the village again but I wish I could live that life again.
Then there was game of musical chairs, hide n seek and hopscotch, though latter one I still see being played.

Those days it was sort of norm for girls to learn cooking,stitching, embroidery and the housework along with usual studies while boys  were taught how to run business.  Now a days things have changed a lot. Technology is new, times are different and career choices are made. 

November 14th is birthday of India's first Prime Minister  Jawaharlal Nehru and its also observed as Children's Day in  India. On this day I couldn't help but go back in my memories of my childhood.  The sweetest and most carefree time of my life.

Wishing everyone a  very happy Children's Day. There is a child in each one of us so lets  enjoy..


  1. Hi Chatter, so correctly said childhood is the most memorable and carefree time of our lives. We try to relive the same fun with our kids. Wish u a Happy Children's Day too.

  2. awwww thats such a sweet childhood memory:)) and its true too.. here's to the every child in us :)

  3. Lovely post CB !! It was so nice to know about ur childhood days :) Reminded me of all the fun me and my brother had, as kids. Childhood is certainly the best time of one's life. Those memories are the sweetest. Thank u for bringing up this post on such a special day :) A very Happy Children's Day to u too !!

  4. yes isnt it that we all cherish our childhood days and what better way to remember than this date.

    thank you all for liking

  5. Happy Childrens' Day to everyone..
    So true.. Childhood days are carefree days, no responsibilities, no tension of anything.. We used to go at school, then go to play , ten watch TV, sit to study fr 1 hr only :P hehehe and then sleep!!...

    The time was beautiful.. I just miss it to the core :(.. those cute fights between friends.. awww.. lovely days.. I often think to get those days back.. bt i cant :(

    Loved the post di.. It made me remember my childhood days which were and would be most cherished days :)

  6. Childhood days we all cherish. If only they could come back. Those carefree days, no tension about life!!! Just plain and simple masti.

    Wish all the kids a very happy children's day and may the smile on their faces always remain intact. Wish the same to all us not so child but child at heart. Everyone always carry a small part of the childhood inside. Wishing for this childhood to grow and get nurtured more.

  7. Nice little memory there.. :) City life has become boring and hectic these days. Your story was refreshing to me..thanks for sharing..and keep up the good work..

    Happy childrens' day to you too :)

  8. very nice post. U returned back my childhood. I'm getting emotional..

  9. Awwww :) I remember playing gilli danda :) But coz I used to study in a boarding school, I got away with housework, cooking etc. With the result that when I got married, the only thing i knew how to cook was rice. LOL!!! I didn't even know how to make a cup of tea!!!

  10. @kona thanks for liking it.

    @sangeeta, aww i forgot gilli danda and the marbles games. those days were the best days i guess

  11. Oh CB....this is such a great post....what a lovely way to mark Children's Day....

  12. It 2late 2 comment ths post, bt as I promised 2 u, I m sharing m thoughts n wt u.
    As kids I use wish tht whn I will grown up, get a job n earn, bt 2day I regret m wish, why can’t w be kids always.
    U r so right, “Childhood is most carefree period of our lives”.
    My both grandparents plc wasn’t a village n also nt a big city, 2 day tht plc is a big city.
    I remember whn we visit my grandparents (Dada-dadi) house in summer w spent all day inside the house, (as it would be hot outside) n play card my cousins bro n sis n thr frnds would join us. In the afternoon we would eagerly wait fr the Ice Cream wala, golewalla n chatwala. Night would be spending on the terrace; whr sky seems 2 be wide open, I really miss those days’ n nights.
    At m nani’s plc it was a bit more fun, I hd more fnrds thr. W would imitate famous serial aired tht time. Would party n prepare biscuit cake, buy gatagat golis (a sour taste round thg).Games played were cards, chess n many outdoor games.
    Finally, th best place whr I spent large part of my childhood, my HOME. Tht time w use to stay chawl, n was most safe place fr us. After schools n tuitions w would hv little tm fr play. Bt in holidays w get enough time 2 enjoy. We played all the indoor n outdoor games played then.
    Afternoon, wuld be fr indoor games, carom, chess, cards, choset(em the spelling could be wrong) it’s also called pasa -the dice game thn thr was a gm with stones- played wht 5 or 7 stones, tic tac toe, Raja-rani-chor-police, snake n ladder, scrable…………. Smtime w would rent a bicycle frm a garage n learn 2 ride it.
    Evenings would be fr Khoo-Khoo, kabbadi, Pakda-pakdi, hide n seek, gulli danda, cricket, find the colour, Badmintion, Lagdi, phew I remember the game bt nt thr names heheheeeeeeeeeee.
    All chawl kids would do gardening, thr was a guava tree we use climb the tree fr the guavas specially eaten by parrots n latter our parents would shout at us all. Hehehehe
    Nights, we all the kids wuld gather at a place n wuld chit chat, play antashakri. No one culd 4get those golden days.
    Yeap, 2day v gr8 technologies n better carrer option fr children, n I tkh the kids 2day r more mature thn v were, whn v were kids. 2days kids spend thr time playing video gms, or compu games, chit chatting on social sites, they hardly play any outdoor games, emm bt thrs nt any open grnd frm thm 2 play.
    Bt still fr every grown up thr childhood is best period of thr life.
    N ya, lastly fr reminding m the children’s day, I hd 4gotten yaar hehehe, only day I remember is SUNDAY or the holiday I get frm m job hehehe


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