Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vegetable Keema

Hello all!  My today’s recipe came as result of experiments and inspiration from my blogger friend Radhika and her amazing blog TicklingPalates. I was not sure how it would turn out as I had read her recipe only once but was determined to try out. But when I planned to make my computer was busy so couldn’t  check how she made it. 

Call it what ever you want to but my son calls it gobhi bhurji.  Hope you like this as I made variations from what Radhika made.


1  large cauliflower or 2 medium sized

1/2cup  peas ( I used frozen peas here)

1  onion grated

2  tomatoes chopped into small pieces

2 garlic cloves crushed 

2tsp  red chilli powder

1tsp garam masala powder

1tsp turmeric  powder

1tsp coriander/cumin powder

Salt to taste

2tbsp kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves)

3tbsp oil for shallow frying

1tbsp oil to sauté

Coriander leaves to garnish


Wash and clean the cauliflower and grate it. In a pan put 3tbsp oil,heat it and shallow fry the grated cauliflower and keep stirring it to prevent it from burning. Let cauliflower become little brown.  Once done remove in plate and keep it aside.

Use same pan and add 1tbsp oil, add onions and sauté it for a min or two till it turns translucent, add crushed garlic and sauté it too. Add tomatoes and all masalas above except kasuri methi.  Stir it and add peas to it. Put some water and keep on slow flame to cook.

After few mins the tomatoes would resemble gravy then add shallow fried grated cauliflower to it.  Add more water for required consistency and let it cook some time on slow flame.
Once cauliflower is also done add kasuri methi and stir and switch off the gas.   Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with puri, roti, paratha or naan.

I had some  of this delightful dish left over so next day stuffed my sandwich with it and the taste was still awesome.

Enjoy this dish and once again special thanks to Radhika  for this recipe. I had changed few things from her original dish.

The end verdict at my home was YUMMY. So what's your verdict!!!


  1. Hi Meena, I love your version pa. Next time I'm going to stuff the bread like you did and see how the kids like it. Thanks for the shout too. so kind of you.

    1. hey radhika thanks for visit and I told you I would make this. but just modified it a bit. i use my left over sabzi in sandwich many times

  2. gobhi keema looks very delicious. I stuff the leftover in parathas and sandwiches.loved your my version soon :)

    1. hey anuradha. thanks dear. ya mommies are good at using left overs isnt it. would wait for your version

  3. It looks tempting..same way but without kasuri methi and tomato, I make gobi paratha. I will try this recipe soon and will check Radhika's recipe too....

    1. sona thanks. i have yet to try gobhi paratha. i had seen the paratha recipe on one friends blog would try it soon

  4. keema looks so delicious, nice preparation..

    Join the Just "4" Fun event :)

    1. thank you sobha. i have yet to send in my entry for your event. my next one would go to your site

  5. Thanks Chatter, for one more tasty recipe. Different way of making cauliflower i definately try it.

  6. Looks yummy to me :) Thanks for sharing this recipe.. :)

  7. this curry looks just yummy n spicy dear..nice pics as always....loved it.....

  8. One more tasty recipe Di.. u knw i have saved it on my pc.. and whenever I feel hungry nd mum isnt their m gonna try out making them.. :)

    Thnk u soo much.. nd sry fr commenting late :(

  9. Hi Meena, u cn call it Vegetable Keema or Bhurji for m it’s just a normal vegetable dish.
    We always prepare it this way only, sometimes we add water n make it a little gravy wale bhaji.
    N only one indg we don’t use is kasuri methi. Other every indg. Is the same.

    One more thing u gv m a idea of using it in sandwich, also u can try it in paraths, like aloo ka pratha. If the keema is dry u can make partha dough separately n fill the mixture or make dough (for prathas), using this gravy of Vegetable keema instead of using water.

  10. Yummmm....
    so teasty and so easy to make...thanks for sharing DI..:)


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