Monday, June 25, 2012

Aam ras with puri/mango puree

Hello everyone! How have you all been? Well, the mango season is about to end. So I thought why not make aamras to ease my tummy and be at ease with this heat which is still here. Today I would  show you easy way to make aamras or in short mango puree which you can eat it as it is or with poori or as a topping on any dish. 

Its very easy and simple to make but taste wise yummy.

Ingredients for aamras:

2 Alphonso mangoes
Sugar if needed
Milk if needed

Peel the mangoes and take the pulp out. Make a smooth puree using mixer or handblender.  I used blender here.  Add sugar if you want more sweet and if the  puree is thick add slight milk.  Its done and your mango puree or aamras is ready.  Keep it in fridge to be chilled and serve it later with pooris. Pooris are standard and I am sure all know how to make it

Yummy yummy isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for! Have nice sweet aamras with poori.


  1. Thanks Meena, for this lovely dish. Hot puris with cool aamras would taste yummy. Your pix of puris and aamras looks tempting.

  2. Am inviting myself to ur place, loving this dish together.

  3. Very nice.. Looks good.. :)

  4. so easy n yumm hehe..
    thanks for sharing di..:)

  5. aam ras and puri is my fav.. just awesome

  6. Very yummy n inviting puri, nice combo.

  7. very lovely puri.. looks fabulous..

  8. very lovely and fabulous puri.. looks tasty!!!

  9. Love this combo, aamras and puris..

  10. The best coombo-aamras poori..can have this anytime.Meena you are tempting me to make this today:)

  11. Love this combo.. Aamras puri looks perfect!

  12. Very common yet a special dish. Had do wait months for this dish. Poories r made whenever we wish, the mongoes keep us waiting. The wait makes the dish more desirable. Aam ras-puri and kurdai yummy. Have u tried aamras with kurdai (u know kurdai)


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