Sunday, October 28, 2012

Microwave Besan laddoo

Hello friends! Today is janmashtmi, birth of Lord Krishna. I thought why not share one of my favourite recipes now on this occasion. I have always loved Besan Laddoo and one of my friend knew my craving or weakness for this and she would make full tin and give it to me.

I had made this recipe on stove top also and it came out good except I could not give it laddoo shape. Recently I bought a microwave convection oven and  kept experimenting and trying out things. I have made few dishes with it already which I would share with you all soon but today I want to share with you this yummy sweet dish. Its really pretty easy one.

Temperature and settings would vary from oven to oven.


1 cup besan
3/4 cup castor sugar
6-7 tbsp ghee
1/4tsp cardomom powder

Heat ghee in a microwave safe bowl at 100% power for 1 min.
Carefully remove the bowl and add besan  and mix it well. Microwave at 100% power for 4min, stirring it after every 1min.
Then again microwave at 50% power  for 3mins stirring continuously after every 1 min.
Remove from oven and add castor sugar and  cardomom powder and mix it thoroughly.
Let it cool and then divide into small portions and shape them in  form of laddoos. Store it in airtight container.

Laddoos are ready and  I am sure no one would stop and it would finish in no time.
This recipe was written with the book I got with oven.  Hope you enjoy this yummy sweet.

Notes: I did not have castor sugar with me so I just used my mixie to grind sugar and for extra flavour I added few cashewnuts along with green cardamom.

You can have them as it is or decorate with pistachio or  cashewnuts.
I have made this few times already. so tip is initially use less ghee and later if the laddos are not forming add a little melted ghee to hold them. If there is too much ghee it wont form shape.

For stove top method: Make it same way. Roast besan with little ghee till aromatic smell comes out and make sure not to over cook the besan. Remove from gas and add sugar and cardomom powder. Let it cool and then form laddos.

So what do you think of my attempts with this. Waiting to hear from you all and HAPPY JANMASHTMI  to everyone..

My blogger friend Divya had organised a massive master chef contest on her blog and very recently she announced the winners. Divya gave participation certificates plus nomination certificates to everyone. Thank you Divya for this wonderful opportunity.

My recipe was grilled paneer bhurji sandwich  and you can read about it HERE

This is a repost.
Linking this to 60 days to christmas
Event hosted by Divya from You too can cook and Priya from Cook like Priya



    Ladoos looks perfect. All time favourite ladoos.

  2. Happy Janmashtami to you Meena your ladoos look great and sure they taste yum too !

  3. Laddoos look great.

    Besan laddoo at one time was my fav but cant have them now. It used to be a regular sweet, always available in our home.

    Very happy janmashtami to you and all others here.

  4. Happy Janmashtami to you...your microwave solution sounds so handy ...

  5. Chalo lagta hai is baar comment post ho gaya successfully hahaha.

  6. my parents used to love these & my Mom & then I too used to make it quite often :)
    This time at Rakshabandhan I was thinking of making some; as I was not feeling well & this is the easiest recipe, then thought of trying Kalakand & as I told you, they turned out wonderful :)do try it.

  7. Wow yummy ladoos :) You know Meenu Its my favorite!!! Well prepared :)

    You Too Can Cook Indian Food Recipes

  8. Meena I also made besan laddo on chaturthi,still in my draft:)
    your looks perfect!
    and kuttu is very easily available in north India,you will get kuttu in your grocery or kirana store from where you buy rajgiri atta ,sabudana etc. kuttu is slightly grey in colour.

  9. laddoo looks so soft and yummy..well-made.

  10. Happy Krishna janmashtami Meena..
    Thanks for sharing such an easy and effortless recipe of besan laddoos.

  11. Thank you all of you for liking this attempt of mine. I have had other experiments with it too which I would share with you all soon. Happy janmashtmi to everyone

  12. Yummy ladoos, nice microwave version..

  13. Sounds easy and simple. Will try making it one of these days :)) And congrats on winning the best chef award :))

  14. wow, microwave version sounds quite easy!. Looks super meena!

  15. yummy recipe...happy to follow u..
    do visit and follow my space in your free time..
    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  16. tempting...rush your recipes for Fast food Event - Noodles .

  17. looks inviting and delicious!

  18. I agree with you - I love began Ladoo too and can't stop eating

  19. Ladoo looks nice ....follow u....

  20. After reading ur recipe, Besan Ladoo seems easy to make. I lv besan Ladoo, but I hv nvr made it, roasting besan on a gas or stove is part that I didn’t like. Thx for putting the oven method. In oven method, for roasting beasn will the baking dish do if we don’t hv the glass bowl?

  21. Love the ladoo,must give a try,happy to follow ur blog.

  22. Hi Meena

    perfect looking ladoos and thank you so much for linking this to our event, I so wish to try these ladoos soon. I have made the necessary changes in linky tool hope you saw it :)

    60 Days to Christmas
    Cook like Priya


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