Monday, December 26, 2011

Computer maintenance..... small tips

Hello!.  Some weeks back I had showed you how to format your windows xp system. Today I would show you how to remove unwanted temporary files from the computer and keep disk space free.  I never used to do before but my technician advised and showed me how to do it.

Temporary files and cookies take up lots of disk space and tend to slow down the computer.

 On Windows XP  Go to Start > run.> type in command “prefetch” ( without quotation marks) in the box which opens and click ok .  A new window opens . select all files and delete them. Those which don’t get deleted leave them.

Next  again go to Start> run>  type in the little box  %temp%  and click ok.  A new window opens and again delete all files you see there. Those that don’t  delete leave them.

Install free Ccleaner software and run it at regular intervals or keep it in auto mode to run when windows start.

This would remove a lot of clutter on the pc but at times there are still some files left. So go to My Computer   right click on C: / drive and click properties. Press disk clean up button and the window pops up.  Wait for few mins till windows detects the file  then Select all the things you see and click ok

This would clear up any remaining files on the computer. Do this at least weekly to clear up the clutter on your system and remove unwanted programmes which you don’t use on your machine.

Always keep your antivirus updated and regularly scan the disk drives including pendrive as it is bound to carry viruses or malware when you use it anywhere. 

Hope following the above steps would help you in keeping your computer running smoothly. Any errors please contact your computer technician.


  1. Thanks Chatter for the useful tips wll surely follow them.

  2. Nice tips for all those who want the system to be little faster..

  3. Thanks for the tips CB. Let me add one more, that I have found extremely useful - Marry a computer wizz, who will sort it all out for you ;) hehehe

  4. hahahh sangeeta very true here i m the one in this case.
    @gauri thanks for liking this and yes do follow it.

    @vinod haha you know better

    @shealin thanks keep visiting

  5. Thanks for the useful tips Meena di.. i cleared around 208 mb from temp file folder :)) thanks to you :)

  6. Every Time my PC goes little slower I've used to clear my Temp files...
    Great tips if anyone wants to speed up their PC....

  7. thank you vimal.. i had no idea about these till my technician showed me and since i am on my pc most of the time i clear up the diskspace this way.

  8. Hey di nice post hun ;-)
    my bro use to do all these comp work whenever we need now i can try it too,

    Thanx for it di :-)

  9. Thanx for ur useful post di,
    my bro use to do all these comp work when we need now at least i can do something :-)

  10. Thanks Meena I could delete most my temp files

  11. @jolie, @hema @illusions glad it helped you out.

  12. Thns CB fr ur post. Surely its very useful fr me
    Only 1 Quest: Whn v clean files ( clean –up option) frm C drive whch files or prgms get deleted, I scare tht I may loose my imp files sved so I nvr tried ths clean –up option.

  13. mukta only temp files get deleted not the files which you stored for your needs. and when i said unwanted programmes, i meant those programmes which you dont need to use and it takes up lots of diskspace.. rule no.1 always save your important files and programmes either on cd or on another drive which doesnt have windows system loaded.

  14. Thank you for these useful tips.
    I love to read and learn new things about my computer. It's very important for me to have a clean device, because I work a lot on it and I don't want to have problems with viruses, adware and so on. I must admit that ones I had an issue, but not with my Windows... with my graphic card.

  15. I never thought of deleting my temporary files in order to speed up my PC. I've tried a lot of things to boost my PC's speed a bit, like reformatting it and such-- but I never knew that all I need to do is to clear up some temp files. Thanks a bunch!

  16. useful post dear... n i too using Ccleaner...

  17. Very Important and useful post for all of us. Thanks dear. I bookmarked it.

  18. Nice info aunty. We are using cleaner aunty So no prob :) But it will be more useful to most of our friends aunty!!!


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