Saturday, December 31, 2011

Memories of 2011.....

Hello everyone! So final date of year 2011 has come and soon it would be new year 2012 or as I write maybe the new year has already set in some parts of the world. Year 2011 saw many ups and downs in whole world but here I would like to talk on personal level.

My first half of the year went in normal way with me watching tv programmes talking endlessly about them and basically wasting time while socializing and other things.  But second half did some changes to my life. I did something which I never thought I would. People make resolutions for new year but here I want to share past six months of my life and even though thanksgiving is gone I still want to thank a lot of people.

June 2011 encouraged by a very dear friend of mine Bhaskar, I started this blog. I was totally clueless on how things work and what should I be writing but constant support and mild scoldings and lot of encouragement I was finally a blogger. So here is big big thanks to you buddy to put me on this platform letting me express myself and being a chatterbox giving me an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings. Here is  wishing you a very super duper birthday today.  

Starting blog was ok but then I was panicking again. What title should I give to my blog, what url should I make which would reflect me. Along came to rescue another dear friend Vistaa who helped me with title and url. A big thanks to you dear Vistaa for helping me on this and also supporting me  and my   write-ups. Still do miss your comments buddy so please show your valuable presence here.

Nandini though invisible still was another one who supported and loved what I wrote and I had to make faces when she disappeared in middle but came back again with a bang.  

Gauri who without fail comments on each and every post of mine first and is always there to give me ideas. Psst.. sms post idea was hers. Thanks for being there Gauri.

Along the way came Sangeeta Vimi, Madhu, Prashasti ,Jolie,Mukta and others who supported me in their own way.  I still miss presence of lots of people but lives do get busy. Hope they do come around soon.

Next came big bunch of friends from and top of the list is vinod (itechcolumn) who I have bugged so much to get answers I am sure he must be banging his head everytime I ask him questions. I have learnt a lot from his site and implemented some of his ideas and tutorials here. Puru, Suresh, Hema and others thanks for being there and visiting my blog.

My post is getting really long now but I guess I am in mood to talk. The past six months have been a revelation for me and making me utilize my time and learn new things and making new friends.

Finally comes my family, my husband and my kids who would at times proof read to see if I have written correct grammar. I tend to forget my punctuations at times but people close to me know where my fullstop is and where my comma is. Ha ha..

I haven’t made any resolutions but I just wanted to thank everyone for being there and hoping I would see all of you along with those who are missing to be there again in new year.

There is one advert which comes on tv which says har ek friend zaroori hota hai ( each friend is necessary) so here is big wish for everyone.

celebrate new year  but dont drink and drive.


  1. Happy New year di:))
    May God bless you & your family & i wish a very happy year for you.

  2. Hey Di thanx for mentioning hehe
    You really deserve all this love and support because you had this potential in you ;-)
    luv yaa for your work and keep posting such interesting posts,
    hope everyone will be back soon;-)
    Happy New Year DI :-D

  3. Amazing post :) Thanks for my name in the list :) Wish you and your family a great year ahead and wish you good luck in the next year.. :)
    Enjoy and have a blast..Happy new year..:)

  4. Aww, such a sweet post :) Wow, you have achieved so much this year it seems. When I look back as to where the year 2011 went, I end up scratching my head. LOL!!!

    A happy 2012 to you CB and all your friends here, especially those whom you've mentioned.

    And a very very Happy Birthday to Bhaskar :)

  5. Happy New Year to you too. Hope to see many more interesting articles here the coming year. And please no thanks for me. Its just that I wanted you to use the time in writing for something constructive than those great updates. Hahahaha. Infact feel happy and humbled that you actually took my words seriously.

    And thanks a lot for the birthday wishes!! :-)

  6. hehehe i mean every word i put in there. happy new year to all of u

  7. first time here.....n I must say u have a gr8 space here.....glad to follow visit my space sometimes :-) wishing u n ur family a very happy new year !

  8. thank you sonali.. wish u and ur family too a very happy new year

  9. Thanks for the mention Meena:) Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Have a great year ahead ...

    Do keep writing and sharing your experiences :)

  10. HMM.. YOUR post was not long its every word is very valuable to persons you mentioned in post.! i too have similar kind of experience this year..but i still don't know how i should rate this year. .. i think i'll take positives to 2012 and leave other things ..! !!

  11. and a very happy new year to you and your family..! !! :-) :D

  12. hello amit.. yeah you are right. and i agree lets take positives to the new year. thanks for wishes and good to have ur comment

  13. My dear CB *imagine the hug emo here :)*

    Wishing you and yours a Very Happy 2012.....hope your blog goes from strength to strength....I am so happy for are doing something that is so fulfilling!.

    It was very kind of you to mention me in your post....thanks!


  14. aww vistaa u finally made it here. really missed ur presence and i told u how much i would love to see ur comment here and that was the reason :)

  15. Hi Chatter, Wish u a very Happy New Year. Hope to see u writing more and more useful and interesting blogs in 2012.Couldn't reply earlier this time as my comp was giving problems. And thanks for mentioning me in your blog.

  16. heee gauri this time u got late due to many things but better late than never

    happy new year to u too

  17. lovely recap of memories..
    wishing you a fantastic 2012..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  18. thank you jay and happy new year to u too

  19. lovely site happy new year nice to meet you

  20. Hye u CB

    N A BIG THNK U FR MENTIONIG M NAME (it first tm anyone done it fr m)

    Fr ur final post fr the yr 2011, m rply 2 u in the new yr 2012 hehehehe

    Like urs m yr a mix pack of goodies n bad days.

    Start of the yr I was jobless, thn after few mths got a job, bt loss the job in 2 mths , happily at end of the yr I had a job.

    The best thg happened 2 m whn I joined IF, whr I met U my dearest CB, n also made lots of frnds thr.

    U n ur post helped m a lot 2 open up n share m funny n smtimes boring thoughts. Hehehe

    Due 2 my job n sm other reasons, I culdnt get enough tm 2 chat wth u or rply U fr ur post sooooooorrrrrrry fr tht dr.

    I dnt hv many frnds has I m shy n introvert. I really wish tht ur frndship stays wth out any break up. hehehe

    Who khete hai na “DOSTI KI HAI, TO NIBHANI TO PADEGE”

  21. Happy new year di (i liked this line) from sarah. "di" is just a word whom you feel like calling if they are close to you. You are one among my close friends. Nice recap.

  22. yo mukta finally shows up.. hehe yaar its becoz of u guys i m encouraged to write or i may have given up.. bt got scared i guess heheh

    and hema since when did i become ur di but well hehe thanks dear. i had to mention u here. happy new year to everyone and hope many more missing ppl here do show up.psst... if they want the name in the list hahahahahaa


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