Friday, January 06, 2012

New year.. new dish using carrots

Hello everyone! Wishing you all a very happy new year. I know it has been some days since the 1st of January happened. Better late than never eh….

Today I bring for you one of my very simple dish and easy to make. Good for those who prefer less oil, less chilli, less sugar even…
Serves 2 people and increase quantities according to your need.

                                                                     2  large thick carrots. (Preferably the red pink  one not the bright orange.) cut into 1 inch long pieces (ALMOST THE  SIZE OF FRENCH FRIES)
1green chilli  slit length wise
1/4tsp  rai or mustard seeds
1/2tbsp oil
1tbsp  besan or gram flour (optional)
1tbsp sugar ( optional)
Salt to taste
1/4tsp haldi powder or turmeric powder

In a pan  heat oil, then put mustard seeds,stir till it splutters, add green chilli, stir once more, add carrots. Stir them, add salt and  turmeric powder and mix well.
Here I add a little 4tbsp water for carrots to soften and quickly cook. Cover and cook on slow heat for 2 mins.  Check if carrots have softened and increase heat and stir again. Again here I add besan but if you don’t want you can skip this part. Besan would stick to carrots and soak out extra water. Add sugar if you wish and any case carrots have their own sweetness. Stir and take out of the heat.
Serve hot  with roti or puri  and for garnish use  cut coriander leaves.
I  have kept it mild and you are free to improvise on this by increasing chilli and leaving out sugar and besan.

The above is my method of cooking but there is another way. Do not add water. cover the vessel and cook carrots on low heat. Keep checking in between to see if its cooked then add besan and sugar if you wish and this would be bit of dry method.

Tip: always put little quantity of any masala and taste before serving. Once you add more salt then it gets difficult to reduce it in some cases.

Enjoy and do let me know by your comments if you cooked it. 

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  1. Hi Chatter, Once again a simple and healthy dish from you. Tried and loved your bread upma so will try carrot dish too. After all carrots are a good source of vitamin A.

  2. Interesting dish here :) I would bookmark this page for future reference :)

  3. My bhabhi used to make this..I love it too :)

  4. hehe vimi i knew u wud remember this dish. hum log bahut banate hai yeh.

    @gauri @ vinod glad u both liked it

    @hema ya finally did it so i know hw it works

  5. Hi CB it seems u hv lots of carrots,hahahaa 2 fast fr ur nw post,
    I just finished replying 2 ur earlier post hahaha
    We do prepare ths dish, without beasn n we make it a little sweet n sour,
    Fr tht u cn add a pinch of amchoor (dry mango powder) n sugar.
    Also, wth carrots 1 cn also use peas (matar) n potatoes (optional) wh goes wth all veg.

  6. Gr8 recipe Meena!

    i cook gobi in the same manner and also add 1 tomato to the recipe u have given and it really tastes good :). my hubby doesn't like carrot curry :(
    my mom used to cook in this way but without besan.

    thanks for the recipe

  7. Looks to be a good one. But carrot!!!!! One sabzi I seriously hate hahahaha. Just can't stand it in any form.

  8. @bhaskar hhehehe sachi i have to give u salad recipe then...

    @hema ya i think we can make variations but this one comes out very quick specially when i run out of ideas what to cook. sugar is optional as these carrots are sweet in their own way.

    @mukta u were late in commenting on other posts thats why u got this too soon. ya as i said u can make variations to it. this is the way we cook.

    thanks all and loved ur comments..

    keep visiting have some interesting posts later

  9. oops blooper @swetha yes u can make variations

  10. Just mouthwatering...looks so easy to prepare & delicious!

  11. thank you kalyan and welcome to my blog. yes its simple and easy to prepare

  12. Wish you Happy New YEar...though it's little late ;-) Nice to follow you...I love carrots in any form
    Hamaree Rasoi

  13. thank u deepa. its pleasure to read ur comment.
    wish u a happy new year too

  14. Yummy dish .. perfect for rotis.:))
    Loved it..

  15. @reva welcome to my blog and thanks for liking this dish.

    @jay yes its really tasty and well we can always make variations.. thanks for liking it

  16. Hi Meena,healthy and yummy carrot recipe...We can name it carrot pickle too,I'll try to make it with besan.

  17. hi sona. ya i was clueless what to name this. we call this sabzi as gajar mirchi ka sabzi. means carrot and chilli dish. ya try and u can exclude sugar part too

  18. thank you for the comment nayna


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