Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Carrot Halwa.... gaajar ka halwa

Hello everyone! Time to have something sweet… today's recipe is well known in Hindi films and I am sure everyone loves it.  Gajar ka halwa….. ha its seasons of carrots so got this recipe soon after my earlier one with carrots. Plus it was my son’s birthday few days back so thought why not make this dish.

Lets begin cooking…


½  kg big carrots grated. (Preferably the red pink ones)

4 tbsp  ghee

Half cup sugar

Half cup milk

2tbsp poppy seeds (khus khus –optional)

Few almonds cut

Little saffron strands

1tsp  cardamom powder or 1 cardamom whole

( now these are all adjustable to your needs and your style of cooking)


Grate the carrots and keep them aside. In a deep pan  put ghee, let it heat then put carrots and stir them for few mins till carrot sweet smell comes. 

Next put milk and stir the carrots and let them cook for few mins. Here some people use mawa or khoya but I have never tried with it and used milk with equal results.  I like carrots soft here so I have put more milk but if you want bit dry then reduce the quantity of milk.

Let the milk dry up leaving the carrots soft.  Reduce flame and put sugar. Stir and as sugar also leaves some water so keep stirring till sugar dissolves.  Take the halwa out of gas.  Sprinkle saffron strands, cardamom powder, poppy seeds  and almonds on top.  Stir and serve hot or cold as you prefer.

Carrots after cooking reduce a lot so adjust your quantity accordingly.

Hope you enjoy this delicious yummy gajar ka halwa……


  1. Thanks Chatter you always come up with simple and quick recipes !

  2. hey di
    how are you? wow what a sweet desert hehehe...
    i love it very much because we have it in Persian desert also.
    Thanks di for your wonderful recipe.

  3. Hey Di ma mom us eto make in same style, so its tasted hehe n must say Yummy too,
    but we nvr added Poppy seeds,.
    so its time now to try it too,
    thn for PM di..

  4. thank you for comments. its simple way to enjoy gajar ka halwa and with poppy seeds or khus khus it tastes even better

  5. Looking delicious :)
    Even my mom makes it.. but would try this.. because it looks different then the one my mom makes.. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing. I add condensed milk and no sugar. Turns out richer taste wise. Enjoyed all your earlier entries but didn't get this comment box.

  7. mithu thanks yaar good to see u.. comment box abhi jahan hai wahi tha yaar..

    hmm never tried condensed milk but good idea. wud see how it turns out then

    @vinod thanks yaar.. sure try this and with khas khas it tastes differnt

  8. That looks so delicious...and it is very easy to make. Awesome!

  9. Gajar ka Halwa looks so delicious and mouthwatering.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  10. very delicious and perfectly done gajar halwa..

  11. Superb da. Perfect gajar halwa by its texture. I hope ur family had a great time in having it.

    Good going.

  12. @vivian,@deepa, @ anjana, @ hema.. thank you friends for visiting and liking my recipe...

    i had made lot of halwa the grating part is tough otherwise its delicious :)

  13. Hi CB. Sweet n also healthy dish.
    I m hving Gajar Ka Halwa daily, m mom hd prepared it spec fr winters.
    V prepare the same way u mentioned wth no khus khus n saffron, bt v use amlomns, cardamom powder, cashew nuts n raisins in it. Smtimes v do add mawa also.
    1 of m frnd prepare halwa in Pressure Cooker, bt it dnt taste nice.
    Sm tips fr u: m mom use mawa sweet ( leftover if any) if mawa is nt available,
    And, once I decorated or added bhura (dry coconuts crushed) : 1st I placed the halwa in a plt or dish n on its top I applied ths bhura on it n cut it into pieces square or diamond shp as u like.
    N ya tell Guri tht it nt at all a quick recipe hehehe. It takes lot of tm 2 cook. hehehe

  14. thank u for ur comment mukta

    about left over mawa mithais i understood ur point as my mom mixes left over mithai to make a new one many times. but i didnt try this. i felt it easier to cook with milk or as madhu said use condensed milk so next time wud try with that

    carrots get soft on its own no need to use cooker yaar and ya bhura ka idea use nahi kiya though i know about it

  15. Hi 2 all who hd commented this post
    M nt commenting again only rectifying sm of m mistakes
    1st of all soooooorrrrrrry Gauri di fr spelling ur name wrongly, and
    Its ALMONDS (Badam) n nt amlomns hehehe

  16. hahahah mukta its fine re.. hhe haha u can comment as many times u can

  17. thank you kalyani for your valuable comment

  18. my favourite halwa.....looks yummy.nice blog.. lovely recipes

  19. Halwa looks so good


  20. hi jay thanks for ur comment

  21. Very easy receipe. I have never made gajar halwa but now I will try it as it sounds very easy... This is the perfect season for gajar halwa. I will put some condensed milk instead of regualr milk.

    - Anju

  22. woah anju finally ur comment came thank u dear.

    well its easy if u have food processor to grate the carrots as manual grating gave me shoulder pain hehe.. yes do use condensed milk i would try out tht way next time

  23. Yummmyyy!! this one is my fav diiiiii...

    My mom makes in the same way!!! di, try to put a bit malai too... :)

    thnk u fr the receipe di

  24. haa malai goes along with milk prashu.. thanks yaar for liking this

  25. Replies
    1. thank you jaleela for the visit and the comment.


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