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Nei Urundai / Ghee Moong Dal Balls...Guest post

Hello everyone!Today I am pleased to welcome a dear friend and fellow blogger Divya Pramil. She has wonderful blog with both veg and non veg dishes at And she is sharing one interesting South Indian sweet dish with us here. Read on in her own words...


I am a home maker and married for a year and half to my love. I love cooking and started to love it right from my childhood days. My hubby loves all my recipes; I try my best to satisfy his taste buds by cooking varieties and traditional food too.  Here in my blog I try to update only the best recipes that my hubby considers fit for sharing. I have keen interest on art work especially aari work and painting. And I love watching Disney cartoons and Movies especially Cinderella. Blogging has helped me go further into the world of cooking, find new friends and well wishers like Meenu (Meena ji). Thanks Meenu for giving me this nice opportunity.  I think that was too much about me so let’s move on to the recipe.

Nei Urundai is a very traditional recipe from Tamil Nadu. It is so aromatic, delicious and perfectly suits any celebrations. I love it and do make it quite often when I feel like having a rich sweet recipe that can be made in just minutes. It is so simple to make, does not need too much of effort and can be made in a jiffy. You can make this sweet recipe using moong dal or urad dal or with chana dal also. But my favorite is the moong dal version. The ghee’ aroma and moong dal’s flavor blends very well and you will realize it in every bite, it will just melt in your mouth.  Just try it and you will fall in love with it.  Now let’s see what is needed and how to prepare it. 


1.       Moong dal / Green gram dal / Paasi paruppu – ½ cup
2.      Sugar – ½ cup or lesser
3.      Ghee – 5 spoons
4.      Cashews – 5 (Optional) 


Heat a pan/wok and dry roast moong dal until it turns slightly reddish/brown. Do not burn it. It must have a pleasant aroma. 

Remove from flame and in the same pan dry roast cashews until it turns slightly brown. 

Remove from flame and set them aside until they reach room temperature. 

In a blender add the roasted cashews, moong dal and sugar and make a fine powder out of it.

Heat a tadka pan or pan/wok and add ghee to it and let it melt. Add this to the powdered mixture and mix well.

Make small balls or any desired shapes out of it and serve. 

TIP 1: Make it a very fine powder to get the best consistency. My hubby loves it crunchy so I make it a little coarse. It will taste good too.

TIP 2: I have added cashews which will enhance the flavor and aroma. You can omit them, they are optional. Even without cashews the recipe will taste super delicious.

TIP 3: Roast the moong dal evenly and well by stirring frequently, so that all the grains are cooked evenly. Never burn them; it will spoil the taste of the balls. 

TIP 4: You can use the chana dal (kadalai paruppu) and urad dal (Ulutham paruppu) for making these balls. 

Tip 5: You can make powder using these dals and store it for future use. So you can make these balls quickly on any occasion. See that there is no water in the blender or the containers in which you store them. Use dry and clean airtight containers.

Yummy and aromatic Nei urundai is now ready!! Serve it as a snack!!


Thank you Divya for a yummy dish. Hope you all like it and over to you all for feed back.


  1. Looks yummy.. :) Awesome Divya..

  2. Hi Meenu thank you so much for the opportunity :) You have edited it so well!!

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  3. wow... i prepared it today... will post it soon.. loved ur version too..

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  4. Super tempting nei urundai..SUch a fabulous guest post, kudos to both of you.

  5. Mmm, can smell it here, I like the way you have shaped it..

  6. Delicious Nei urundai. Meena and Divya nice guest post.

  7. Looks Yum

  8. Thanks Meena and Divya for this yummy and quick recipe. Your pix looks great and sure would taste equally yummy too.

  9. Healthy and delicious looking balls.

  10. wow..nice recipe. the pics r really tempting me. i will definitely try this dish. Thnks to Divya N Meena

  11. As always Divya's recipes rock. Loved it :)

  12. love nei urundai...can have anytime...:)


  13. wow...that looks sensational...well done..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  14. mmmmmmm........amazing and delicious moong dal balls....

  15. Wow.. Lovely and healthy sweet dear :)

  16. Totally new to me...will try this..thanks meens n diva


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