Friday, August 24, 2012

Bhindi masala.. Microwave version

Hello  all! I had told  in my  besan ladoo post that I had bought a microwave convection oven some time back and had experimented with it.  My eyes caught this Bhindi  masala dish and I gave it a  try. I am lousy when it comes to cooking bhindi on stove top and it never comes out good. But in oven it was the best and hubby insists I make bhindi in oven only.  Trust me you would love it.

½ kg Bhindi/okra
½ tsp red chilli powder
1/2tsp haldi powder
2green chillies chopped
1 tsp coriander powder
½ tsp  amchoor/dry mango powder
Salt to taste
¼ tsp jeera/cumin seeds
3 tbsp oil

Wash an wipe bhindi dry.  Cut the tip head and tail of each bhindi. Chop  bhindi into medium size or as desired.
In a microwave safe glass bowl, put 1tbsp oil, add jeera and  chopped green chillies.  Microwave at 100% power  for  2 mins.  Remove and add bhindi and other dry masalas. Mix well and add the remaining 2tbsp oil.  Set the combination mode of microwave and grill  for 10 mins or till bhindi is cooked.  I kept it at 70% power  for  8mins.  I stopped the timer in between to check on bhindis and they were done.
Remove and  serve it hot with rotis.
(temperature and oven settings would vary from oven to oven)
You can add potato too here but time has to increase for potato  to be cooked too.
Adjust  masala as per your taste.
Trial and error with timings  works best.

Hope  you all liked it and over to you for your feed back.


  1. loved this Meena..crisp and with bright green colour..I never tried cooking veggies in oven...just use for heating them:)

  2. Bhindhi masala has come out perfectly Meenu, the color has retained yet seems well cooked too!! I love using okras in preparations but as you say its better to use ovens rather than stove tops.

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    (South Indian Style)

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  3. Thanks Meena your bhindi's look crispy. Have never made any veggie in a microware would love to try this one.

  4. Bhindi masala hascome out perfect.. so now you are mastering your microwave cooking Meena.

  5. Wow bhindi masala looks so green... like this microwave version....

  6. Ha anjana since i bought the oven i keep trying out stuff and use it for everything. with potatoes it needs at least 4 mins more to cook.

    @ shobha ya i m learning a lot and making lot of things

    @divya, gauri and dakhsa yes it turned out really well as somehow my stove top bhindi never came out right..

  7. delicious dear...Rush your delights for Fast Food Event - Noodles

  8. Meena,
    Good to see that you are making good use of your microwave. Microwave cooking is fast to eat and life saver when in hurry. Nice looking bhindi masala

  9. Meena, so finally started microwave recipes....looks like ur enjoying ur new microwave :)

  10. This one looks normal to me ;) I was expecting something innovative out of this lady finger.. :) just kidding.. The innovation here is micro-wave.. super..

  11. Really very quick and delicious masala.

  12. Bhindi masala looks delicious.

  13. Hi meena.. i have tried bhindi masala once in oven, and as you said it really comes out well.. but i always prefer stove top method :) not comfortable with oven in case of veggies..

    i am your new follower.. hope you will also follow mine :)

  14. looks so good and delicious..

  15. nice one meena, I make it similarly in oven to get rid of the sliminess of the bhindi , and then cook on stove top!. Its perfect with rotis and color is not lost on yours. Great! :)

  16. @shama thanks for liking this

    @deepa yeah i m making full use of my oven after bugging head of everyone about every little thing hehe

    @beena & vijaya thanks yaar

    @ lavanya ya enjoying making new old all things in oven now

    @ vinod hahaa well innovation is its done in oven not on stove top

    @Priya and swathi, yup it cooks in super quick time without burning or getting slimy

    @Pt thanks for visit and glad u liked it. I bought this convection oven and i want to try all i can in this, and in bhindi case my stove top bhindi goes all funny hehe

    @ Rekha and swetha. ya it comes out great in oven and i have made it many times now a days

  17. Hm bhindi looks delicious. will try this dish, only thing is i have to check on the temp.

  18. I am not much of a microwave cook, but i know I must give it a try! Nice recipe will definitely try ur version!

  19. shimbu dhu - very tasty in tibetan

  20. tasty food --- shimbu dhu in tibetan

  21. wish I had microwave ! but I make it like this in a pan. I love bhindi :)

  22. wow!!! very nice.. i'll try to cook bhendi like this way.

  23. Thanks Meena,Tried and tasted Really mouth watering recipe..


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