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Kesar rasmalai--- a guest post

Hello everyone! As you all know I had my first event Be my guest  chef on my space from 1st October till 15th November. I received fabulous and yummy recipes and there have been late entrants also. So for now with this last post I officially close my event and would do the round up soon.
This post is by new friend in blogging world. Her name is Manjula Bharath.She is new to blogging but already has wonderful yummy dishes on her space called Desi fiesta. Do visit her and encourage her and love her recipes. Today she shares with us a  sweet dish and how appropriate that I end my first event on sweet note. Let us hear what Manju has to say about her dish and herself.


Hello everyone!!! This is Manjula from desi fiesta ... am a new comer in blogging world and in a short period of time won so many lovely friends via SNC,  meenu aunty is one from that bunch of friends i have . I feel really happy that meenu aunty gave us this opportunity to show case our cooking skills in her space. She is having a lovely space am glad that am a part of this wonderful guest series she is conducting..   Am really happy to share one of my favorite dessert...

Kesar Rasmalai's are nothing but Rasagulla discs soaked in sweetened saffron flavoured milk. Next to rasgullas, this is the most popular Bengali sweet outside Bengal. A well made rasmalai will melt in your mouth..

To make rasmalai its necessary to make a perfect rasgulla ...Rasgulla is also my favourite bengali sweet .... I have tried rasgulla many times n have been successful every time i made it .. lucky meee... Rasgulla also know as roshogulla in bengali is smooth , soft, spongy balls dipped in sugar syrup.. They are very light and spongy in texture.. Rasgulla tastes gud when they are served chilled . You can make variation in rasgulla too for instance i made kesar rasgulla

Thanks to my Rasgulla to cooperate with me and every time giving me good results.

To see step by step pics of how to make rasgulla  check on rasgulla  recipe on Manju's blog HERE

Now lets come to the method of preparing rasmalai..

Ingredients For Rasmalai
  • Rasgulla's - 7 nos
  • whole milk - 3 cups
  • sweetened condensed milk - 1 can
  • cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp, (crushed, if powder not available)
  • pistachios - 2 tsp, crushed
  • saffron strands - 1/2 tsp
  Rasmalai - method :

  You can prepare Rasgulla ahead.. Squeeze the rasgulla's a little and press them to flatten .keep them a side.
   Apply some ghee or butter on a pan and grease it well with this ghee/butter.This avoid burning of the milk.     Now heat the milk on low heat while stirring frequently.
    Get the milk reduced to half of its original quantity.
    Now add the cardamom powder, saffron and 1 tsp of crushed pistachios, mix them well.
    Add the condensed milk to this mixture and bring it to a boil. Don’t forget to stir constantly and scraping the sides.
    After the milk is of thick consistency then off the stove.
    Your delicious rabri or malai is ready, let it cool naturally then add the rabri or malai to the placed rasgulla.

    Enjoy this sinful rasmalai chilled and garnish them with pistachio or saffron strands.

    When serving, garnish with the remaining pistachios and serve chilled.

    Note : Rasmalai's should be consumed at the same day it is made or the next day .. Don't store it more than 2 days as it may lead to food poisoning.

Here is step by step pics to make  rasmalai.

Thank u meena aunty for giving me such a wonderful opportunity :) 


 Wow! I am tempted to taste this. This looks so so yummy here. Don't you all think so? Well friends, lets hear what you all have to say and Manju thank you very much for sharing this amazing and most loved recipe here. 

Note: My first event Be my guest chef series ends here. Wait for  announcment of  the round up. Thank you all for sending me yummy and amazing innovative recipes.


  1. wow tempting sweet.... made so delicious feel like to grab...

  2. Thanks Meena and Manjula, very mouth watering rasgullas!

  3. Kesar rasmalai looks so delicious and inviting.

  4. Wowwwww such a te putting it...

  5. Looks so inviting and i love the flavor of kesar in anything.... yum

  6. Thank you Manjula and Meena for this virtual treat !!

  7. wow mouth watering rasmalai... superb Manju n Meenu...(MM)

  8. well made.. looks delicious..

  9. All your receipes are mouth watering Manju :) Keep cooking more such interesting and variety receipes .. Cheers! :)

  10. All your receipes are mouth watering Manju :) Keep cooking more such interesting and variety receipes .. Cheers! :)

  11. Delicious, especially the last click, very tempting..

  12. Wow.. Its mouthwatering !!! One of my favorite sweets!!!!

  13. I have been thinking of making Rasmalai for a long time.. this looks so soft and perfect!

  14. Wow Manju thats my favorite :) Looks so teasingly yum and thanks Meenu for sharing, its such a lovely guest post.. :)

  15. Looks absolutely mouthwatering!! Yummm...!

    Chef Al dente On going event: Street Food of India!

  16. Another delicious guest post, love it. Manju and meena great post.

  17. I always make it with store bought Rasgullas. Will try it from scratch one day, some day!


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