Friday, November 23, 2012

Lobiya curry-- black eyed beans curry.

Hello everyone! I have not really posted any of my dishes in some time and as I was busy with guest series and I would do the round up soon. For now I would like to share two of my dishes even though the title above says one. I thought I would combine both of my posts which are on different sites in one post here.

First one is at my friend from long long long back Minnie Gupta. I have known Minnie for more than 7 years.We met at  a common place and then via a common friend again we reconnected. Another common element was the food which was a surprise factor in reconnecting the old friends. The world is indeed small and I feel so happy and privileged to share one of my easy recipes at Minnie's lovely site called  thelady8home.

Minnie's space has lots of wonderful varieties, do check out her space and as I said my first dish is called Lobiya or black eyed peas. Lobiya by itself is very bland and not much taste but combined with spices and other things it becomes really yummy. I made this without onion or garlic or tomato. So check out my recipe at Minnie's place and do let me know what you think.

Click here to go to lobiya recipe.

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My second post is dry sabzi with eggplant and potato. Crazy combination perhaps as not all like eggplant or brinjal but trust me if you try this dish you would love it. Easy dish again and dry sabzi which you can have with roti,poori or chapati. This dish is part of contest which Lavanya from  lavanyasrecipes is hosting. I am happy to be part of this contest and hope to win it as there is wonderful prize to be won. Check out lavanya's space to know about the contest and do participate.

Click here to  check  my dish  of  eggplant and potato dry sabzi


  1. Hi Meena like your post on Lobiya Curry. Would taste great with rice and even puris.

  2. Delicious Curry..Love to taste this with Roti!!!

  3. Very healthy and yummy lobia curry.

  4. Nice Curry Meena.. I have tried making chana this way once and they turned out good.

  5. Tasty and healthy curry...:)


  6. looks delicious Meena!healthy too

  7. Meenu, checked both the yummy recipes and commented too..Best wishes for u to win Lavs contest :) And god to see that u ave really strong friendship with Minnie.. Such a lovely person you are..Who would miss ur friendship??

  8. healthy lobia curry... commented too in Minnie's place... as Divy said nice person u r...
    Today's Recipe - Gulab Jamun SNC No-2

  9. healthy and tasty curry aunty , sure you are a lovely person..............

  10. very delicious and healthy too..

  11. Hey Meena, thanks so much for the lovely words, and posting in my space. Love the lobiya :)

  12. Looks yummy :) Good dish for roti.. :)

  13. Goodluck for the contest. :) Likes the lobiya curry, never heard of it before


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