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Mix vegetables in spinach gravy

Hello everyone! My today’s recipe is  mix vegetables in spinach gravy. Earlier I used to make plain spinach and  well not all liked it so had been experimenting. Two months back I made koftas/dumplings in spinach gravy and it was well received.  Last year  I had gone on a weekend break to Alibaug  and while returning from there we stopped at Khargar to have our lunch. My dad loves spinach and  since my parents  don’t  eat onion garlic they ordered spinach without  them.  The dish which came was really yummy with loads of vegetables and even without onion and garlic it still tasted awesome.  Since then I have made it a lot of times.  And as my son doesn’t like spinach this way he has it without any complaints. I have included onion and garlic though and you can skip it if you don’t like or don’t want to have them in your gravy.

Ingredients for gravy:
I made same type of gravy in kofta dish so just would copy it again here.

2 bunch of spinach washed and boiled (spinach reduces after boil)
1 onion cut in small pieces
1tbsp ginger garlic paste                                         
2 green chillies  cut in small pieces
1tomato cut in small pieces.
Salt to taste
1tsp garam masala powder
1tsp amchur powder
1tbsp oil or ghee


Boil spinach in vessel, drain out water and make a puree of it.  Keep it aside. In another pan put ghee or oil to heat. Put ginger garlic paste to sauté for a min, and then add onions, sauté it again till raw smell of onion goes. Add green chillies and tomato. Stir it for a min and add little water for tomatoes to cook. Bring to boil and then add salt, garam masala powder and amchur powder. Switch off the gas and put all this mixture of onion tomatoes in mixer and make puree of it.  Mix this with spinach puree and keep it aside.

Mix vegetables:
I have used cauliflower,potato, peas,carrots,and tomato here.  You can add paneer also later.
Take one cup of these mix vegetables and boil them with little salt. Take them off the heat, drain water and add the vegetables in the spinach gravy.

Your  vegetables with spinach gravy is ready and since I love butter I topped a bit of it for garnishing. Do let me know what you think of this.

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  1. Adding veggies to the spinach gravy makes it more tasty and yummy. Nice side dish

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Thanks Meena, Spinach is nutritional, adding veggies to it makes it more nutritional. Will surely give it a try.

  3. This dish looks easy to make :) I think we can easily make this.. Thanks for sharing.. would be good with Roti.. :)

  4. Nice mix vegeatable in spinach gravy..healthy and delcious too..

  5. so delicious and liked the preparation dear..

  6. Healthy and super comfort food !! Thanks for linking to the event ~~ Appreciate It :)

    Ongoing event CC:Vegan Diet - Plant Based Food

  7. sounds yummy...I love spinach & I love my own traditional way too to make it :)

  8. Veggies with Spinach ... This sounds so nutritious. Would surely give it a try. Hope my son loves it too :) Thanx for sharing this healthy recipe :)


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