Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Karupatti aapam

Hello friends! Today my post is for SNC challenge created by Divya Pramil. For those who do not know about this challenge, its once a month event where two teams are created based on Indian  geographical location. So this is north vs south teams. The details of this can be found here.

This is 7th challenge now and for this  Shama from easy to cook recipes has challenged the north team with traditional aapam. 

Now coming to the appam recipe, I was not sure if i would get right as I had tasted the normal salted version of it where as this aapam is with palm jaggery or jaggery.  I followed shama's instructions and made the batter but I had just a little jaggery with me  so made it according to shama but i cud make just one of this sweet aapam. The rest of the batter i made normal ones

The taste was yummy and I stuffed it with sweet potato curry I had made earlier. Click on Sweet Potato curry to know the recipe.

  • 1 cup boiled rice
  • 1 cup raw rice
  • handful of urad dal
  • 250gms karupatti or palm jaggery or jaggery


Make thick jaggery syrup and for life of me I still cant get syrup right. As I had very little jaggery with me I just managed it and I had used normal jaggery instead of palm sugar. After you make syrup use strainer to clear the impurities. Make sure the syrup has cooled enough. 

Soak dal and rice for  2hours and grind to smooth batter. According to shama, the fermentation is not needed but i kept it for 6 hrs atleast. As I mentioned I used very little jaggery so I removed about a small cup batter in a bowl and added the syrup in it and mix well. I did not have appam kadhai  and I used my normal non stick kadhai for this. 

Take a ladle full of this batter and pour in center of the kadhai.  Holding the handle of kadhai rotate in such a way that batter spreads and forms a shape which resembles dosa.  Spread a spoon of oil and cover the kadhai with a lid. Keep the heat on slow.  It is done very fast and once its done you would see appam leaving sides of kadhai. I was amused by this honestly. ha ha

Aapam is ready and serve it hot. As mentioned above I used my sweet potato curry with it. 

I cooked it with less jaggery hence it looks bit whitish.

Together with sweet potato curry  we really enjoyed this lovely appam. Thanks shama for this.

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  1. Wow Meena it looks great and would taste great too!

  2. Yummy and crunchy appam, looks delicious. Loved the click in which you stuffed yam curry within appam. Wonderful idea dear.

  3. Love appams very much, love that mild colour of ur appam, seriously stuffed ones are irresistible.

  4. Thanks all for liking my attempt. we also loved it

  5. like this version too wit less jaggery.. :)

  6. I have also never tasted the sweet version.. but I love normal savory appams with stew.

  7. like the color of ur aapam dear.. well made..

  8. aapam looks super delicious anuty :) lovely stuffing

  9. Yumm!!! Appam looks delicious Meena :-)

  10. looks so crispy,interesting idea of stuffing.i hope you would have enjoyed making them.

  11. You have had this Appam with Sweet Potato Curry ? Very unique combo, must say

    Glad it came out well for you, am still trying my hands on it and have failed twice:P

  12. Loved the way you paired it with sweet potato curry!!

  13. Excellent nicely made beautiful recipe.


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